Foot Drills – A Great Way to Obtain Drastic Cardiovascular Conditioning!


Being an ex-competitive athlete I will tell you that one of the things I used to dread the most when it came to conditioning was doing foot drills or agility drills. For some reason agility drills took more out of me than any sprint work I ever did. One thing was for sure though, I was always in the greatest shape after hitting agility drills for a month! Check out the following foot drill that you can use to challenge yourself.

The 2 Cone Shuffle and Jump: For this drill you will need the use of 2 cones and some flat open space. Place the cones about 3 to 5 yards apart from each other. Next, line up with one of the cones facing in a direction to move laterally in one direction towards the opposite cone. From here you simply want to get into an athletic stance and shuffle your feet (without crossing them) moving your body towards the other cone. Once you get to the other cone execute a vertical jump and immediately shuffle back to the first cone. Once you have reached the first original cone perform another vertical jump and repeat the process! The goal is to execute as many of the shuffles (with the jumps) within a 2 minute time limit as possible. Attempt to perform 3 rounds of this gruesome drill and watch your conditioning soar off of the charts!

This is a hard-hitting cone drill that is sure to optimize your cardiovascular conditioning and give you the edge you need to be in the best shape possible! Practice this drill with great intensity and you won’t be disappointed!

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