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Yoga is an extremely popular form of exercise that has origins that date to thousands of years ago. The benefits that can be achieved from practicing yoga are numerous and medically proven. But in order to gain the said benefits, a proper and efficient performance of the exercises is needed. In order to help in that aspect, it is highly recommended to avail of a yoga mat. Although yoga can be practiced without it, there are things that a yoga mat can provide for a more efficient exercise like added stability and comfort.

Getting a yoga mat is not the end of it however. It is also a key factor to avail of a yoga mat that suits the practitioner and the exercise itself. There are different kinds of yoga exercises, different kinds of people that practice them, so it only seems fitting that there are different types of mats with different purposes. While the common denominators for any type of yoga mat are that it should define a specific area of practice, provide stability and give comfort, there are also some differences that need to be taken note of.

There are mats that are double the thickness of universal style mats that can provide extra cushioning for people that choose to practice Ashtanga yoga, a type of yoga that involves jumps to change from one pose to another. There are also travel mats that can be carried and stored easily into luggage for people on the go. There are cotton mats that help with the absorption of sweat that would otherwise cause slipping. Cotton mats are ideal for practicing Ashtanga and Bikram yoga which are two of the more challenging types of yoga. There are also meditation mats that provide a comfortable seat for a more meditative type of yoga that requires a lengthy amount of time seated in one position. There are also deluxe mats that are textured to provide greater friction between the surface and the Practitioner’s feet for more balance.

Not only are there many choices for a yoga mat due to purpose but there are also choices for aesthetic. Colors and materials may also vary. These options are set to suit the tastes of anyone that chooses to practice yoga. Aesthetic can also provide a certain sense of comfort. And to practice yoga in comfort is to be able to practice it efficiently since the mind is at peace with what it is surrounded by.

Choose a yoga mat wisely. Purpose and aesthetic are indirect keys to achieving efficiency in the practice of yoga and thus achieving the benefits that yoga provides.

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