Vitamin B-12 Absorption


Its not necessarily not enough acid to extract the Vitamin B-12 Nutrient, its more likely that the acids are having to work harder to break down the animal enzymes therefore utilizing more activity to “do it all” and when its active properties have expired it was unable to finish with its normal process.

Whether or not we get acid indigestion is not the point however, the point is that when we eat, we activate enzymes for proper digestion. As our body temperature rises when we eat meat and meat products the acid enzymes break down the nutrients and sorts them out for proper absorption for maintenance of the body. When the acid enzyme is expired the unprocessed animal products are left to putrefy in the stomach. The body reacts to break down this food by creating more acid. The more acid that is created the more precious vitamin and mineral absorption is lost. As we grow older this condition gets worse especially when eating meat products so to compensate for our loss we take supplements.

The Vitamin and Mineral Industries have perfected the dosage per age of what is needed to supplement the bodys needs. However, its is based on statistics on an average and not everyone is the same. Manufactured supplements are usually 50% fillers. Fillers are not consumable and have no nutrient value to them. To ensure you are getting the most of your supplements buy quality supplements. These may be acquired through vitamin specialists. In other words you cannot buy them in a regular store. By far, you will do well to keep close to the source of the vitamins and minerals hence, the purpose of this site. Herbs are highly concentrated in their properties and are easily absorbed in the body therefore utilizing more of the nutrients contained therein.

The tip is to increase the time length of our active enzymes to make absorption of vitamins and minerals more complete. If we could do this our skin would be as supple and wrinkle free as a child and our energy levels would be just as fresh not to mention the hundreds of other benefits we would gain.

How can we do this you say? Let me first say this – if we had the time and money it would be a simple thing.

  • Increase your oxygen level by walking or exercising.
  • Drink more water (quality water that is).
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables, eat them in servings of like kind per serving ie. melons; eat only melons etc. Fruits and vegetables contain their own levels of Vitamin B-12 and is easily absorbed.
  • Breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth, breathe methodically, even and deep especially when walking or exercising.This Formula is Confidentially Yours
  • Chlorophyll: In liquid form, highly concentrated. Take one capful per day or per instructions on bottle.
  • Alfalfa…..1/4 cup
  • Don Quai..1/4 cup
  • Kelp……..1/4 cup
    Powdered form. Combine all three 1/4 cup, mix well using a sifter. Put in 00 veggie capsules. Take 1 pill three times a day.If you are looking for Cancer fighting Vitamin B you may want to try Vitamin B-17 normally called Laetrile. Look for our upcoming Episodes on Cancer. Herbs for Life

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