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Yoga has become the “in” thing to do in many places and more people than ever practice it. But I am sure that there are still many people who would like to be convinced that they need yoga. In case you are one of these people, this article was written for you and presents the reasons why a regular practice of yoga postures may be just what you need.

The major argument in favor of yoga practice is that it is one of the best ways to relieve stress. While humans of today have far surpassed the achievements of people who lived in a simpler era, we are paying for this intellectual and technological development with a world that is more stressful. Yoga postures and relaxation exercises help to balance a person’s body and mind and directly fight against the build up of stress. People suffering from insomnia and other disorders that have a large psychic component benefit greatly when they practice yoga.

How can yoga affect your mind? This is a key question and the answer lies in yoga postures which put gentle pressure on the endocrine glands. The systematic application of yoga postures balances the secretion of hormones from these glands. When your glands are functioning properly your mind also functions well.

Conversely, if we have any physical defect, it usually affects our mental disposition. It is hard to be cheerful if you are suffering from the pain of a stomach ulcer or any other physical problem. It is in the physical realm where yoga postures have an important role to play.

Just as our modern environment is puts maximum stress on our psychic health, it is not stimulating enough on the physical side. One of the secrets of a long life is to do regular physical labor. However, most people today do mental work and not physical work. It is no wonder that obesity has become one of the greatest health problems of our time. But it is not only obesity that is caused by sedentary lifestyle. Other ailments such as constipation, indigestion, liver disease, hemorrhoids and many others also stem from a lifestyle that is not physically challenging. Fortunately these ailments can be prevented and cured by the regular practice of yoga postures.

The yoga postures do a kind of maintenance and protection work by putting pressure on various organs as well as glands. When the pressure is released blood flows to these organs and the organs function in a better way. If yoga postures are combined with proper diet and other exercise (such as regular walking) they can help a person to live a long, healthy, happy and productive life.

You don’t have to be an acrobat to practice yoga. You don’t have to wear a robe or grow a beard. You just have to learn some basic yoga postures and practice them on a daily basis in your own home. Try it out and see for yourself.

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