Stress Busting – Energy Building, All Around Feel Good Mini Yoga Workout


Everyone can use a break from stress. This is a mini yoga routine that you can do comfortably seated in your chair. It only takes a couple of minutes and it will help wake you up and release stress and tension from your body and your mind.

Begin by sitting comfortably in a chair with your feet planted firmly on the floor, your hands resting gently in your lap.

Inhale and lift your head straight up – feel your ears getting further from your shoulders. As you exhale allow your head to come forward – allowing your chin to drop towards your chest. Rest in this pose for 5-15 breaths. Do not push your head forward, simply release your neck. Relax your shoulders, keep your back as straight as possible and keep your mouth soft. Inhale as you return the head to the chin parallel to the floor position.

Let your arms fall to your sides with the palms facing in, thumbs pointing forward. Inhale and lift your arms up, straight out from the shoulders to the side. Your elbows should be as straight as possible. Fingers are pointing out. When your arms reach shoulder height, turn the palms to face the ceiling, thumbs pointing back.

Bring your arms up over your head, the palms are facing. Keep your back as straight as possible. Your chin is parallel to the floor. Hold for 10-20 breaths. Keep breathing as fully and deeply as you can. Feel the stretch from your fingertips to your hip joints and on down to your toes.

Inhale again and stretch up slightly if comfortable. Turn your palms to face out, thumbs are pointing to the front. Exhale and keeping your arms straight, lower them very slowly. Imagine that you are pushing down an invisible wall with your hands. When you arms reach your sides, inhale and exhale deeply.

Variation: When you have your arms up above your head, tilt your head back gently to look up towards the sky as you inhale. Keep breathing and hold for 5-10 breaths. With your next exhalation, bring the chin back parallel to the floor and proceed as above.

With your arms hanging loosely at your sides, inhale and lift your shoulders up. As you exhale roll your shoulders back and drop them down. Bring your hands to your lap with the palms facing up and rest here for a few breaths.

You can repeat this sequence or simply hold each pose a bit longer for a longer workout. Try to do this routine at least once a day (it only takes 2 minutes!) and work towards several times a day.

Incorporating a short yoga break into your day can make such a difference in your attitude and your productivity. Next time you feel your energy levels dropping, try this sequence instead of a cup of coffee. If you are feeling tense, give this workout a try and see how much better you can feel in just a few minutes.

Liz Franklin created Liz Franklin’s Yoga In Chairs® so that anyone who can sit in a chair – including a wheel chair – can practice yoga. She is a certified yoga instructor and registered with the Yoga Alliance. She offers teacher training to yoga instructors who wish to expand into teaching chair yoga. She also has a set of DVD videos for home practice. Yoga is her passion and her life’s work. Her motto is: “Sit Down and Feel Better”. Liz resides in Denver, Colorado where she teaches chair yoga classes and enjoys the beautiful outdoors. Please visit [] for more information.

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