Pilates and Yoga Both Are Quality Workouts


Both pilates and yoga are quality workouts and more than that they are very similar.

In fact pilates was developed, by Joseph Pilates and his wife in the early to mid-twentieth century as for the purposes of rehabilitation, based on the movements and postures of yoga and Joseph incorporated this into his form or exercise.

Both pilates and yoga mind-body exercises that look for measured, smooth and precise movements and breathe control.

However pilates is usually thought of as a form of exercise as opposed to yoga, which tends to be thought as a lifestyle choice.

While pilates is done for toning and strengthening the body, particularly the abdominal and back muscles. These muscles are thought of as the ‘core’ muscles of the body and is what pilates focuses on and in doing so help increase circulation, improve posture, and create long and lean muscles.

Yoga, however, is more a philosophy of ones lifestyle, which besides exercises designed for stress reduction and helping the body with fluidity of movement, also delves into meditation and relaxation. Yoga practitioner’s work on breathing control, maintaining a proper diet, and several other disciplines in order to find a more perfect symmetry in their lives.

Both pilates and yoga do have a similar emphasis on the breathing of their practitioner’s. It is well known that proper breathing does provide more of a benefit with the different pilates exercises and yoga postures. There is a slight difference between the differing practices recommendations: in pilates, the you are instructed to inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. However, breathing yoga is you inhale and exhale through the nose.

While both pilates and yoga do use tools, mats and exercise balls in order to more accurately perform the exercises. Both also utilize their own tools that are uniquely designed, exercise balls, blocks, elastic bands, etc., so as to get the most out of the particular exercise or posture.

Both pilates and yoga are also recommended by top athletes for overall body conditioning and flexibility, as well as muscle symmetry and coordination. This is especially true with sports such as golf, but is also recommend and practiced by athlete in many other sports as well.

And in addition to overall body condition, pilates is especially good when problems with the back arise. One of the main reasons that the regular use of a pilates program can be of benefit to those with a back problem is the fact that the program focuses largely around the idea of increasing the strength of the core muscles.

Anyone who works out with pilates usually experience a better sense of body awareness, and that can also aid to a person’s ability to bounce back from a back problem and other rehabilitation needs.

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