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I don’t know of any part of the human anatomy – or the anatomy of any living organism for that matter – that is not designed for maximum efficiency and performance.

The scientific wording for this is: Structure Governs Function

For Example;

o The skull is a powerful protector of the most important organ in the body – the brain.

o The ears are angled to access acoustic vibrations.

o The eyes discern colour and are best suited for gazing long distances.

o The nose warms, filters and humidifies the air we breathe before it reaches the lungs.

o The oral structure has some amazing functions – from lip smacking and sucking to chewing, swallowing and digestion.

o The structure of the spine allows for:

– stretching

– flexing

– bending

– twisting/torquing and

– rotation

o The joints of the limbs allow for walking, climbing, running, reaching…

o The hands and fingers – well…what more can we say other than the finger-thumb opposition sets us above all other animals.

We are an amazing piece of work.

We don’t even have to know how all the parts work but we can be confident that all parts work for the whole.

The prime directive within each organism is to maintain its integrity at all costs.

To this end, each cell in the body adheres to the basic laws of biology, viz

– Response

– Reproduction

– Repair

The body responds to all stimulations, be they physical, chemical or electrical.

Each cell is capable of reproducing itself through the constant metabolic pattern of anabolism and catabolism.

And lastly, the body has an inbuilt program of repair – it heals itself and goes through cycles of detoxification when necessary.

This is the manner in which the body is structured and these are the means by which it communicates with itself.

All the best in structuring your lifestyle for better health.

Kevin Hinton has been teaching the art of Natural Living and Natural Healing for over 25 years. He is recognized as Australia’s leading health educator. For more information on how to improve your health – go to: [] and while there, sign up for your free world class health newsletter.

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