Enjoy Your Life And Relax More With Power Yoga That Equips You To Deal With Life’s Everyday Stress


If you want to use yoga to get fitter and stronger, then you may find Power Yoga, also called Artistic Yoga of great benefit. This involves performing stimulating yoga exercise, generally referred to as asanas. These exercises help to fine-tune your mental and physical capabilities.

However, these exercises can be difficult to do when you’re learning them. It’s not always easy to maintain your balance, concentration and focus. With practice, though, you will start to master the various asanas, and will begin to experience good results from Power Yoga.

To become an expert in Power Yoga, you have to pass through three levels. Firstly, you need to develop an advanced level of balance and fitness in your physical being. You achieve this by combining yogic postures and asanas with a group of cardio-vascular exercises.

The next level involves performing the various asanas for more extended lengths of time. Finally you need to leave the physical level behind and move to the spiritual level. This final step involves extreme amounts of practice and concentration, and is very difficult.

Although all the asanas play a part in Power Yoga, the most important is generally considered to be the Sun Pose, or Suryasana. This asana works on every part of your body by moving through a series of nine postures in turn. Each step also involves synchronizing the posture with a breathing exercise, and with practice you need to be able to flow effortlessly from one step to the next. It’s considered best to practice Suryasana at dawn, so that it can be a tribute to the sun as it rises. Practicing the Suryasana promotes flexibility and strength, helps you to focus, increases stamina, removes various toxins through sweating, and helps to release tension.

Over time, Power Yoga exercises will develop your abdominals and back, which is their purpose. It’s important to have strong abdominal muscles and a flexible back, as these are considered the most important elements of physical fitness in yoga. This is because most postures in yoga require that both these body parts be in perfect condition. Over time the legs and hands will also grow stronger.

If you need to improve your fitness level for sports such as football, cycling, running, swimming or martial arts, then the demanding elements of Power Yoga can be of great assistance. You can also gain peace of mind, and find it easier to deal with the daily stresses of life.

Even more importantly, there are no side effects from Power yoga. You can do it whenever you like, whether you are suffering from an ailment or not. The goal of Power Yoga is to increase your flexibility, get fit and be free from illness. You can start at any age, and will give positive results if you stick with it.

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