Yoga Poses: Techniques for Beginners to Veterans


In philosophical terms yoga means a refined rejuvenative reunion with ‘self,’ a journey of self-discovery. The intimate practice of yoga offers a diverse range of poses and postures for physical, mental and spiritual growth. The yoga poses are essential forms of meditation, used for calming the mind, strengthening the body and assisting in improvement of blood circulation. No matter what level of expertise, each pose delivers different benefits to the mind, body and soul of the individual.

Poses for yoga beginners

When first practicing yoga, it is important to start off slow as it is likely you will not have the flexibility of someone who has been practicing for years. Basic poses will be introduced, mainly for stretching purposes and to establish the body into the yoga mind frame. You must remember that yoga is not a competition and everyone has different abilities. For some, the poses and postures may occur naturally whilst others will have to work at achieving them.

The various basic poses for beginners include standing poses, to help align ones body and maintain good posture, as well at seating poses, for hip and back strength. Forward and backward bends are performed for an increase in balance, flexibility and to help release tension in the body. Balance plays a large role in yoga poses and it is necessary to establish and maintain this before engaging in further positions.

Listen to your body and do what it is capable of, do not push yourself so hard that you experience pain. When your body says no more, it means no more! Advanced poses will come naturally depending on the amount of time you practice. It is important to establish a routine that your body will become used to over time. These basic poses can be learnt with guidance from professionals at yoga schools or retreats; however alternatively you are able to practice them by yourself in the comfort of your home.

Poses for the veterans

When practiced traditionally, yoga is a 6 day a week exercise. Once introduced to the yoga, many find it inescapable and integrate it as a regular activity in their daily lives. Those who practise yoga regularly will experience increased flexibility and toning of muscles. This allows for more advanced poses to be undertaken.
Advanced poses often involve contorting the body to resemble animals, stances, objects or natural formations. For these demanding poses, the mind must work in conjunction with body movements. It is essential for accomplished yoga individuals to have a strong ability to control and balance the body as is required by the majority of these difficult poses. Here, yoga allows for the creation of peace as well as mental and spiritual awareness, escapism and deep levels of meditation.

Yoga veterans would find it beneficial to attend specified workshops or yoga retreats to further develop their skills. These learning forums allow yoga experts to interact, share and develop challenging, new poses which can be added to their daily routines. Accredited and fully trained professionals will assist you in taking your yoga practice to inspiring heights and profound depths.

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