Crocodile, Cold Calling And Yoga


The noise of the falling keys vibrated desk and falling phone book got attention most of the people in the office. It ‘is 8.12 in the morning. I slowly released my last excel while flexing my left arm holding a chair near my desk I smoothly pull up my feet down. Now I am ready to work. I have been doing yoga for more then 3 months now. It helps me incorporate my work into my daily life in lots of ways. First, Yoga divides foods into categories – so I eat right. Secondly yoga – is my greatest mental exercise: I cold calling for a living. You can only imagine how much stress I go through when one of you drops the phone, replies with a strong negative language once I am calling you and then drops the phone anyway.. I live all day long just dialing and selling over the phone.

Doing yoga activates a certain parts of the brain, stimulates endocrine system, muscles, people gain strength and immune system is getting improved unbelievably. I have been selling all my life and never felt so much healthier and happier since that day I started YOGA. I practice 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes before lunch. The effect is the most amazing feeling of a complete rejuvenated body and spirit ready to work and accomplish tasks with a new level of energy I would not experienced ever in my entire life. I learned how to control my stress, breathing and to control my blood pressure.

It is almost 11 am – I jumped on the desk and froze in a Crocodile posture: standing on my hands – I keep my eyes closed, in a few minutes lunch.

I stretched my toes I feel no pain in lining up the top of my head with my hills. I breath out. I live now practicing my yoga.

Eugene Zeo is Financial Planner, and a Health Care Advisor, Consultant for DST Systems, Checkfree, Inc, Citigroup, AIG and United American Health insurance since 1998.

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