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So you want to lose weight? In my practice, losing weight is a common question among patients. They want to know my opinion, what I would do if I were going to lose weight. Everyone has an opinion, and a lot of the time I think they want to hear if my theories fit with theirs.

The last couple of years I have seen a trend of people trying to get the latest and greatest quick weight loss strategy or ideas. The push usually comes in the spring because we want to look good in the bathing suit for the summer.

Everyone is getting a little more anxious and willing to do a lot less to lose weight. Fat loss has become a huge topic, and libraries and bookstores are full of information. How can you really get to the real information, when at times it feels like weight loss is on information overload?

First, weight loss does not have to be difficult. There has to be a conscious effort to make a lifestyle change. You must want a lifestyle change to become healthier and vibrant. You need to start taking a more proactive role in educating yourself on how to lose weight properly. I have read hundreds of books on the topic and they all have a basic premise. You need to eat right and exercise. These have to be activities that become a daily habit. Also for most of us we have to look at what emotional factors are causing us to gain weight. Stuck emotional habits are probably one of the biggest reasons why most people have tried every diet under the sun and still can’t lose weight.
Start with creating good eating habits, if that is adding a salad to your lunch; then congratulations.

Exercise more, if that is beginning with walking; then great! As days progress, walk faster and longer, try and develop a sweat. Most importantly, look inside and find out what emotional triggers are holding you back from losing weight. Dr. Alan Jenks is a Health & Wellness Consultant in British Columbia. His web site Weight Loss Chronicles was developed to create an open and honest information source for real weight loss solutions.

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