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What we eat accounts for more than 50% of our success in obtaining and maintaining an attractive physique. Besides cutting back on fats and simple carbohydrates, we need to load up on high quality protein if we wish to build strong, toned muscles. Besides getting protein from our food, most of us often supplement our diet with protein powders due to the convenience it offers, and sometimes – great taste!

However, if you’re like me, and sometimes get bored of your ordinary protein shake – I find it refreshing to sometimes chuck the protein powder into a blender and come up with a protein shake that actually tastes and feels like chocolate milkshake.

Here’s something to try that’s ideal as a mid-day ‘snack’. For this example, I’m using chocolate flavoured protein powder:

1. Add a double serving of your protein powder and mix it with a lesser amount of milk in a shaker first (this is so you dont get a sticky mess in your blender)2. Pour the thick concoction into your blender.

3. Add in about 5 – 8 cubes of ice.

4. Add 1 tbsp peanut butter.


6. Pour into glass (you’ll need a large one!)

7. With your arm around your pet dog, kick up your legs, relax, and sip away… Absolutely amazing!

*Or pet cat I guess… but the effect isn’t the same if you have hamsters or pet fish though

Now because you’re adding ice and other ingredients, the flavour of your protein shake could be a little ‘watered down’. So if your pimped-up protein shake did not taste as good as it’s supposed to, or you messed up something while preparing it, then read on:

Chocolate Flavor can barely be tasted?

– You must have added too much of ice, or perhaps its just crappy protein powder? Are you eye-ing that tub of chocolate syrup in your fridge? No, don’t. Try adding a teaspoon of real cocoa powder instead. That should give you a nice chocolate flavour without having to add the sugar that comes with chocolate syrup.

– This trick can also transform your vanilla protein into a chocolate flavor!

Has a weak Vanilla Flavour?

Half tsp of vanilla essence will enhance the vanilla flavor without adding calories

Not Sweet Enough?

Add a small piece of banana. Fruit sugar (fructose) is 70% sweeter than ordinary table sugar, so a small piece of banana goes a long way in providing sweetness.

Shake is too ‘thin’/not thick enough?

Try adding more ice cubes or frozen fruit.

Powder gets stuck to blender blades/glass?

– this is why I asked you to pre-mix it in a shaker first before pouring into the blender.

– if you still insist on using only your blender, then at least ensure that you always pour in liquids (milk) BEFORE adding the powder

And remember… that protein shakes are only a supplement, and should not form the backbone of your diet.

Josh Stone, also known as DM, is the author behind the site http://www.dailymuscle.com which offers the author’s personal views on real-life fitness, bodybuilding, sports nutrition, cardio, fat loss, training information, and on all things that surrounds fitness.

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