Overdoing Supplements At A Young Age


I was looking up information on Nitric Oxide supplements when I came across the following comment from Jon Dermure of Ohio in a supplement review. I didnt find it amusing at all.

hey dudes… nitrix is by far the best supplement i’ve ever taken. i am 13 years old and im staking nitrix with cellmass, no-xplode, and axis (too boost testosterone). my dad says when i get into high school i can stack it with ephedra to burn fat and biuild muscel simotaniously. my max bench has soared from 80 lbs to 125 for 3 reps. i strongly suggest stacking all these for maximum results.

Yes, weight training can indeed be beneficial to young individuals but Jon Dermure is taking it a bit too far I think. Let’s take a look at the obvious:

1. At 13, you DO NOT NEED a testosterone booster as your body will achieve peak levels in a couple of years

2. At 13 – you havent even begun to tap onto your genetic potential and what your body is really capable of, but he’s already loading himself up with everything he finds on the supplement shelves

3. Little Jon Dermure can’t even spell ‘muscle’ and he’s advising everyone to stack supplements for maximum results.

Ok, point #3 isn’t not a valid point, but I guess what I’m trying to say here is that at that age, I don’t think anyone should be relying so heavily on supplements. After all, supplements are exactly what they are – SUPPLEMENTS! They are meant to supplement your existing diet and not replace it.

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