The Real Solution to Weight Loss


Don’t just sit and lament the state of your body.

There are many exercises to help you lose weight.

Some may find it boring. One way to overcome this is to adopt flexibility in your exercise program.

You could cycle on the first day, walk on the second day and swim on the third day. Ideally, you should exercise daily. If you can’t, you should exercise at least 3 times a week to stay in shape.

In fact it can increase your social life. Pair up with a buddy to jog together with you or join an aerobics class for group interaction. You can also be playing in team sports which add an element of excitement such as basketball, tennis or soccer.

Within each type of exercise you can make it more interesting by changing the location, duration or the intensity.

Aerobic Exercise is the key to losing weight.

What is aerobic exercise ?

It is exercise that requires the intake of oxygen for the production of energy.

Even when we do nothing , we expend energy for the various activities in our body like breathing and digesting.

We draw our energy sources either from stored carbohydrates called glycogen or from fats.

Surprisingly, when we do short burst of high intensity exercise we burn up glycogen instead of fats. Conversely,
the body burns up fats when we embark on low to moderately intense exercise with long duration.

This is crucially important as we get older. Our metabolic rate slows down and our fats accumulate.

There are other benefits of exercise too. You lower the risk of getting cancer and high blood pressure.

You will notice once you start exercising , you ‘ll be more conscious of the type of food you take and have better discipline in food management.

Bottom line , in order to stay in shape , you need to reduce input and increase output. Proper nutrition with regular exercise will let you lose weight.

When you start off , go for a short 10 to 15 minutes walk. You can gradually build up yourself by walking for a longer period of 30 minutes. You can also walk faster or further and you can choose a steeper hill to climb.

Other good aerobic exercises also include swimming and cycling. Swimming is good because water supports your body and you are less prone to injuries. Likewise , like walking you start off with a short 10 to 15 minutes of exercise and gradually build up to at least half an hour. You can also increase your work rate gradually by cycling or swimming faster.

There’s no point in taking diets because your weight loss is a temporary phenomenon.

Strength training exercises also helps to burn fats and build up the muscle mass. The end result is that you become stronger and fitter. Climbing stairs, doing push ups and rowing are some examples of strength training exercises. Weights and dumb bells are also used in strength training exercise. Begin with weights that are not too heavy for you and gradually increase the weight. Later on, you can increase the number of sets of repetitions too.

You can ingrain a culture of exercise in your mindset.

Even if you are too busy to exercise, you can take the flight of stairs instead of using the elevators.

I would suggest a creative and unique fitness workout like Billy Blanks Tae Bo [] which is one challenging workout that also teaches self defence. You can find more aerobic workouts at [].

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