Diet Essentials – What You Should Know Before You Start Any Diet


1) If you starve your body then it will go into “Fat Storage” mode and will attempt to conserve energy by slowing your metabolism down and store reserves as fat.

Whereas, if you eat when you are hungry then your metabolism will operate more efficiently as your body learns that it is easily able to replenish spent energy reserves.

As a result you will feel more energetic and able to carry out those physical activities that burn up calories and result in actual weight loss.

2) The food that you eat does not only supply you with energy but with those vitamins and minerals required to keep your body in a healthy condition.

Reducing the amount you eat and or changing your diet (what you eat) will have an impact on the level of vitamins and minerals you are taking in, which may mean that you may need to supplement your diet with an additional source of these essential items.

3) To lose weight you need to use up more energy than you take in. Your diet needs to reflect the amount of energy you use.

4) Exercise causes your body to burn calories, the definition of exercise is not a “26 mile marathon” but “Anything that causes you to breathe more deeply than you normally would and or causes your heart rate to speed up”.

5) Most people feel hungry when their blood sugar level falls below a certain level. Eating sweet sugary foods will temporarily increase your blood sugar levels as sugar is quickly and easily absorbed.

However, sugar in this form is quickly used up so you will very quickly feel hungry again. This is one of the reasons why you should eat “healthy foods” as you will feel less hungry for longer.

6) Unfortunately, as a result of poor a diet your body can become accustomed to high blood sugar levels, so any relative drop will potentially result in you feeling hungry.

This is why dieting is mainly about re-educating your body not to feel hungry on less food.

7) Studies have shown that eating protein (meat, eggs etc) causes you to feel less hungry for longer.

8) Slowing the rate at which you eat by thoroughly chewing up each mouthful has the effect of causing you to eat less food.

9) Your imagination is more powerful than your willpower. Giving up those foods which you crave and dream about will result in failure. Use your imagination to help achieve your goals.

This article was written by John Jarmola, a Consultant Food Technologist who specialises in the development of new food products. He is currently involved in a reviewing the benefits of the new “Superfood”, Acai Juice, to find out more visit []

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