10 Hot Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting: Try These 10 Tips and Start Losing Weight Tomorrow!


1) Eat your Starch for Dinner

Don’t restrict or cut out any foods, just juggle the time of day that you eat them. Try eating zero no starch during the day, focusing your starch meal for dinner time. So, aim to make your breakfast and lunch meal based on fruits, vegetables, salads meats, milk-products and eat pasta, bread, rice, cereals, potatoes at dinner.

2) Don’t Diet

Any diet that restricts foods or requires that you “avoid” your favorite foods will more than likely not last for the long term. What’s the point of losing weight, only to put it all back on again?

3) Eat Your Junk Once a Day – and preferably at night

If you are a junk-food addict, try to aim for eating well during the day, and saving your “bad foods” for dinner time. This way, you should eat less, than if you start eating junk first thing and then carry on throughout the day!

4) Eat Junk After Exercise

We always hear “I’ll work it off” – implying that one will exercise harder AFTER eating junk to burn up the extra calories consumed. A better option is to exercise BEFORE you intend eating junk. This way, your metabolism gets a boost to help handle the extra calories. Also, exercise helps reduce appetite (especially hard exercise), so you don’t eat as much junk.

5) Go for Chocolate instead of Cake

When feeling like junk food or “bad” food, go for non-starch options instead of starch options. So, where possible, when feeling the need for “junk” or sweet foods, go for chocolate/s, sweets, custards, ice cream, frozen yoghurts, burgers (no bun), fried chicken…instead of cakes, muffins, biscuits (cookies), breads, pastas, pizza’s etc

6) Don’t Drink calories

Consuming too many calories leads to weight gain. Period. Sugary fizzy drinks AND FRUIT JUICES contain loads of calories. Where possible, drink water, tea and coffee and try to limit higher calorie sugary fizzy drinks and fruit juices….

7) Don’t think about 3 + 2

So many diets talk about 3 meals a day, plus 2 snacks….try to eat 3 meals a day, and snack when you want to. Also, don’t snack on junk either – fruit, nuts, yoghurt are best bets. Remember that “junk” should be limited to once-per-day max.

8) Salads Make Great Lunches

Easily reduce calories and increase your nutritional intake by trying to make your lunchtime meal, a salad meal. This also makes eating out really easy (like people who eat out for their lunch-hour at work). ALL restaurants offer salads – but remember we’re not talking junk salads with loads of dressing, we’re talking healthy salads like Chicken salad, French salad with added cheese, Italian salad, Tuna Salad, Greek Salad….and remember, NO BREAD.

9) Think of Starch Second

For most dieters, its not necessarily the consumption of too many “Carbs” that leads to weight gain, but too much Starch. So, when eating your starch meal (at dinner preferably), try to think of starch second. Example: When eating a pasta meal, think of a side salad starter and ice-cream or chocolate mousse for dessert as opposed to bread basket starter and cake for dessert. Think of vegetables and salads and don’t overdo the starch.

10) Avoid Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shakes require less digestive energy than solid-food meals – thus when used to replace meals they can contribute to slowing down the metabolism, as the body uses energy to break down food (and requires less energy to break down shakes). Meal replacement shakes are OK every now and again when there is no time to eat a meal, but where possible, always aim for solid-food where possible.

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