Cardio Workouts With No Equipment to Lose Fat – How to Burn Fat & Lose Weight!


Exercise, at some point, becomes something negative for a number of people. For many, the thought of working out means jogging on a treadmill all sweaty and out of breath. Since our lives are now as hectic as they can go because of work and family responsibilities, most of us fail to allot time for getting fit and healthy. Many never even think of it as an option.

However, the numbers of people who are suffering from obesity are increasing year after year. Losing weight is becoming a need and the only way to do it is to burn fat through working out. Cardio workouts are known to be one of the simplest forms of exercises and one of the most effective as well. Many would be bothered about not having the right equipment to do the job, but the fact is, you don’t really need one to exercise at home or outside your home.

Here are some cardio workouts that need no equipment:

1. Jogging does not only involve a treadmill. All you need is a pair of good running shoes and you can jog at the park nearest your house. Or instead of getting a ride from work to home, you can jog instead. Jogging can burn a lot of calories and fat, especially if you decide to do it on a regular basis.
2. Aerobics exercises is something that you can do in the comfort of your own home. You might want to have a trainer at first or you can get yourself a video aid to help you through. Not only is this form of exercise beneficial, it can be fun as well.
3. Swimming is known to be one of the best cardio exercises because of the many parts of the body that are being used during the workout. Not only that, it burns a whole lot of fat compared to other exercise regimes.

So, don’t worry about not having the right equipment for your workout; you can always lose weight without them.

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