Shorter But More Intense Cardio to Burn Fat – How This Type Melts Fat Faster!


You must have heard a lot of times how cardio exercises can do your heart wonders and help you melt body fats faster too. The problem comes when you are one of the many people who create endless reasons and excuses for not doing them. Time is always said to be the main constraint, or sometimes the cost can be a problem. But the truth is, achieving your health goal is as easy as doing short but intense cardio exercises.

A 20 minute heart-pumping daily routine a few times a week can actually do the trick. But like any other exercise or weight loss program, you should begin by assessing your goal. Make sure that your goals are not far from impossible. Set goals that are achievable. Afterwards, start making the difference with the help of short, intense cardio. Intense cardiovascular exercises for only a matter of 20 minutes can make your heart pump and your body moving.

Training in short but intense duration releases hormones, especially growth hormones. The same hormones help in building muscles and results in fat not being stored in the body. The same exercise also raises the body’s metabolism at a greater extent. Not only do you burn calories during the activity, intense cardio keeps your metabolism elevated for up to three days after working out. If you can work out every day, imagine how much fat you would be melting.

Intense and short cardiovascular exercises result in short explosive bursts in the body, which makes it keep its muscles and melt fat. The body, at the same time, normally wants to eliminate the fats stored in it so that its performance cannot be hindered. Hence, when the body is exposed to such types of exercise, it burns a whole lot of fat and loses weight while building muscles.

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