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The best weight loss plans adhere to a few dieting principles that make the difference between lasting weight loss and weight regain, the weight you can back soon after dieting.

When choosing a new diet plan to try, look for the following dieting principles. If you can’t obviously recognize these principles within the new diet’s structure…drop it and search for another one.

Dieting Principle #1 – Prepare to Diet

The most neglected principle of all four principles. If you skip the preparation part (which should be apart of any diet plan worthy of your money) then weight re-gain is almost guaranteed to occur. Weight regain is the weight many dieters gain back soon after completing a diet.

How do you prepare to diet?

1. Start following a strict schedule for eating meals. Eat 5-6 meals per day, spreading each meal throughout the day that fits your lifestyle best.

2. Eat more protein. Add a lean protein source to each meal (usually around 4-6 oz.).


3. Start an exercise program. Are you really out of shape? If so, start walking 45 minutes every other day. In a week or so, add ankle and wrist weights for resistance. Regardless of your current condition, adding resistance to your exercise program is the best way to tone muscle and lose weight…fast!

Dieting Principle #2 – Prevent Weight Regain

As mentioned before, weight regain is the weight you gain back soon after completing a diet. The best way to prevent this from happening is to control the rate of weight loss.

Losing weight to fast can lead to diet shock, s state of shock the body initiates, indicating you’re starving. This is not a good state to be in…weight regain is guaranteed!

A safe rate of weight loss is around 2 pounds/week. Fast or accelerated rates range from 3 to 4 pounds/week. Do not exceed 4 pounds/week…never!

For now focus the two principles above. Prepare properly for losing weight and watch your rate of weight loss. Coming soon are the last two principles listed below.

Dieting Principle #3 – Maintenance Plan

Dieting Prinicple #4 – Maximizing Your Dieting Effort

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