Body Weight and Dieting in the New Energy


Learning to integrate the different aspects of yourself, so your desires are all pulling in the same direction.

I think we have all had the experience in our life, where we choose to change a part of our self; for example you may feel overweight and have the wish or desire to lose weight.

This process is mainly about being conscious of our habits and making slight changes, which will bring about the desired effect.

Using the example of losing weight, we can work on many different levels:

1. We can choose to only buy low fat foods.

2. We can plan to reduce our portion size.

3. Drink more water; as quite often the messages the brain receives is for water not food.

4. Become aware of our feeling around food and remove boundaries, which may cause compulsion to overeat.

5. Change our beliefs; of there not being enough food, thereby causing us to hoard and store excess within ourselves

6. Become conscious of our habits.

You may have had the experience of wanting to lose weight and agreeing within yourself to do the above list and perhaps more as well. Yet, in the moment we are presented with the opportunity to buy or eat, we find we are doing this beyond the desired level.

Then starts all the feelings of guilt and of being over-full and lethargic. If you are having these feelings we have reached the first stage. We are at least conscious of the situation.

By being fully conscious of our feelings and desires and comparing this with our habits and actions, we start to move towards resolution. We can start to adjust our behaviour consciously.

We will always have days when we can do this better than others.

A good place to start with is the creation of your new image of yourself. This is done within your imagination. Your imagination allows you to experience how you would feel with certain qualities in your life. Your dream weight! Having a healthy diet and living with a lively exercise routine.

Your imagination sets the “blue print” for the body to grow into; it adjusts the body’s energy field and sets your feelings and emotions to a positive support system. Comparing this image and using positive thinking and planning, we can make a real change in our life.

It is all about integrating all the different aspects of yourself, becoming aware of aspects, which are misaligned or not fully conscious, or in your control. The change comes in each moment; facing life with this fully aligned knowledge and awareness, to create the desired effect.

Message channelled by George Lockett (C) Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved.

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