Why Is This Diet So Unpopular?


I’m sure if I asked you to think of a diet, a few names would spring to mind – all of them best sellers, and all of them not shy in saying so on the front cover either!
There’s one diet though which might not be so forthcoming – and it’s this one…

Reduce the amount of calories you eat, and increase the amount of calories you burn.


Yes, that’s it! If you follow those 2 tactics, and add to it by replacing the saturated fats and sugars, you will lose weight.

No secrets, no formulas, no high profile celebrity endorsement on magazine covers, but you’ll lose weight. It works every single time, to the tune of around 2 pounds per week.

So why is this diet so unpopular?

Well, precisely because you have to reduce calorie consumption, increase the burn, and lose 2 pounds a week! None of those are acceptable to the lazy dieter that wants to see the weight drop off, preferably by eating exactly the same as they did before!

This is why they flock to buy books that make promises along just those lines. When they don’t work, the lazy dieter doesn’t switch to the logical diet because they know that involves some effort, but instead they switch to the *next* hyped up product.

This is great news for the diet industry, a ready made supply of repeat customers, but it’s not so good for the customers.

They never seem to get that fact that in the 6 weeks that they’ve tried 3 diet books, they’d have lost a full 6 pounds on the logical diet, maybe even more since the weight loss is increased at the beginning.

Will the situation change? Probably not. At least the next time you see the shelves of diet books on sale, you’ll now which is the least popular!

Gordon Bryan is a writer that gets mad at all the shocking diets on sale. Find out more free at his blog: http://dietfactnotfiction.blogspot.com

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