Diets Can Be A Real Pain In The Brain!


Even though the dieting industry makes billions every year selling tons of different diet plans and remedies in the USA, the statistics represent that 75% of all Americans are now considered medically overweight and at risk.

What’s wrong with that picture? How can it be that billions are spent on diet plans and remedies each and every year, while at the same time the overweight statistics continue to climb upward reaching now an alarming statistic that supports that 75% of all people in the USA are medically overweight? Does it mean that all of those diet plans and remedies don’t or can’t work?

The truth is that most reasonable popular diet plans and remedies do work. Well, they work if you are able to stick with that diet plan for as long as it takes until your brain gives up and adjusts to the fact that you will now be living with a new lower calorie intake and weight. That can be a mighty long time and is in fact longer than most people are ever able to make it successfully through to.

Our brains are great machines that work to keep everything exactly as it is, and if you are healthy and at the right weight that is a great benefit. But if you have excess weight that needs to be lost, that same great brain machine can be your worst enemy. In fact, though your calorie intake level and weight are at levels that are not healthy for your body, your brain will still try to keep you at that unhealthy status quo even though you have decided to change it for the better. Our brains get used to a certain calorie level and weight over time and getting it to give up and give in to a lower calorie level and weight level takes not only time but it also takes the ability to win the very real brain war that goes on, time and time again, over what can amount to more than a year in length.

When dieters start reducing calories and losing weight, the brain resists the change and starts sending negative messages regularly and around the clock, trying to get the dieter to give in and give up. If you have ever dieted before you already know it’s true because you have surely experienced it time and time again and probably ultimately gave into it like most people do. The most common negative messages delivered to you by the naughty resistant brain are messages that you are still hungry even though you have eaten the right amount of calories to feed your body system, messages to eat high calorie foods even though you are trying to stay away from them, and the messages to give up and give in, always tugging at you for every day that you are on your diet. Sound familiar? That’s everyone’s difficult diet experience in fact. Worse yet, the more weight you have to lose, the longer you will have to survive that very real brain war that goes on.

Up to now the brain won most of the time because up to now, no one had a way to fight back against their brain every time it sent them a negative thought that threatens their diet and weight loss success. Everyone instead, left to their merciless brain, eventually give in and give up. However, if someone can make it through the long brain wars and last long enough for their brain to adjust to the new calorie intake and weight, they would not only succeed at losing all the weight they want, but also would never gain the old weight back again.

What used to be an impossible situation for most is changing to more than possible through the newest product from Habit Braker Enterprises Inc. Habit Braker Enterprises has stepped out of the box and created a way for every dieter to win the brain war and make it to their permanent weight loss goal achieving a 100% success rate.

Using 18 different short but powerful messages, created just for the dieter, that go everywhere they go and can be used anywhere they are, instantly and privately, using cell phones, iPODs, MP3 or CD players, every negative thought generated by naughty resistant brains, can be eliminated quickly before they ever have a chance to cause anyone to give up and give in again. The Habit Braker Diet System is the only system on the planet that gives dieters access to instant power to defeat the negative brain messages every single time it sends them through for as long it takes for the brain to give in and give up.

The US patent pending (11770472) system is just what success requires and just what everyone needs to make sure that their brain never wins the war again when they are trying to do what’s best for the rest of their body by losing weight on any diet plan or program. Dieting doesn’t have to be an impossible problem for anyone anymore or ever again. Everyone needs help to fight back against their own brain. Now everyone can get the help they need to succeed every time they need it, on demand, 24 hours a day.

With our success rate continuing to stand at 100% we are working night and day to bring this powerful helpful diet system to everyone so they can finally succeed at losing their excess weight, becoming healthier and living longer.

Habit Braker

Habit Braker Enterprises Inc is a California privately held corporation that develops and sells a US patent pending (11770472) system of short audio messages to be used with cell phones, iPODs, MP3 or CD players, to give issue directed real help to everyone who wants to achieve difficult healthy commitment success permanently. Habit Braker has already developed a quit smoking system, diet system and exercise system. It plans to develop more systems in the near future for other habit issues such as alcohol, gambling,spending,meth amphetamine and eventually systems which address each unhealthy habit issues that creates difficult commitment issues, and are helped by 24 hours of instant quick help to stay committed.

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