Top ten ways your environment is making you (and you family) fat


Put on a few pounds, lately? You’re not alone. One third of adult Americans are clinically obese. Another third are overweight. And that’s not all! Obesity is now so common among American children that physicians have come up with a nickname for an alarming new syndrome: Diabesity. It’s the combination of childhood obesity and Type 2 Diabetes (formerly known as Adult Onset Diabetes). This syndrome results in obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other “older adult” ailments as early as childhood and it’s life threatening. Doctors estimate that one out of every two American children born in the year 2000, will develop Diabesity. In some minorities it’s two out of three! According to recent statistics, if the current trend continues, every American will be fat by the year 2032!

The human genome hasn’t changed, so what the heck’s going on here?? Well, if it’s not “nature“, then it must be “nurture“, also known as Your Environment. Take a look at the list below. Are any of these elements part of your environment? If so, you’ll want to explore re-designing your personal environments at the CoachVille Fully Alive Community at

1. Used your computer, recently? If you’re like most Americans, you’re finding all kinds of tasks are much easier and faster to do on your computer. Everything from paying bills online, to shopping for clothes, to researching a paper are all easier than going to the post office, the shopping mall and the library. And that’s good! But, as convenient as all those things used to be a decade or so ago, they still required more effort, more steps and more calories to perform and if you haven’t cut back on your eating in equal measure, then that means more fat on your body.

2. Does the lady of the house have a job? If so, then the family probably eats out more. Americans eat away from home or get delivery far more than they did a few decades ago, because most folks don’t have time to cook, these days. Restaurants and fast food joints tend to prepare tasty high-calorie meals. Those extra calories mean more fat on you.

3. Did your parents grow up in the Depression? Then you probably were taught to “clean your plate, because children in _______ are starving.” Waste not, want not, is a great motto to live by, unless what you’ve got is way too much, already. If you’re eating everything in sight, then that means more fat on you.

4. Been super sized, lately? Restaurants and fast-food places discovered a couple of decades ago that they can make higher profits by selling larger portions. Everybody likes a bargain and anyway you need a 42 oz. soda to wash down that wheel-barrel sized tub of popcorn, right? Trouble is, that and the fast food meal you had for dinner add up to two or three times the number of calories you can afford in a day and guess where those extra calories are going?

5. Did you ever wonder where all that extra food comes from? American farmers are currently producing roughly twice as many calories as the American population needs to eat. And if they’re going to produce it, then they’ve got to sell it. Enter the advertising industry, which is very good at selling us stuff, even if we don’t need it. And research shows that once we’ve got it, we tend to eat it (all). More fat on you, again!

6. Do you hire other folks to do your chores? Now that American workers (including women) are producing more then ever, we have more money, but less time. Lots of us are hiring other people to do our chores. Everything from cleaning the house, to mowing the lawn, to picking up the groceries, is getting done by somebody else. More time for you at your desk means fewer calories burned. Again, if you’re eating the same amount, you’re going to get fat.

7. Commuting to your home office? Those of us who are working from home are saving several hours a week by not commuting. That’s great, because commutes are exhausting! Whether your commute was in a car, a bus or a train, all that movement burned calories. And you know where unburned calories go…

8. Where’s the remote? Scientists predicted decades ago that we would get fat because we watch too much TV. People didn’t get up for hours, except to change the channel. Then the TV remote was invented and we didn’t get for hours, period. That’s nothing! In today’s world we have remotes for the stereo, the air conditioner, even the blinds. If we could figure out how to use the bathroom by remote, we wouldn’t get up all day! Guess where the fat goes?

9. Do your kids go to public school? If so, then they probably eat chips, soda and other junk foods from a vending machine and the cafeteria is serving tacos, pizza, and hamburgers. All that high fat, high carb food is fattening and on top of that, schools are eliminating physical education to save money. All food and no play makes your kids fat and may shorten their lives.

10. Love computer games? If you (or your kids) are hooked on them, then you probably are spending a significant part of each day moving nothing more then a couple of fingers. Remember how you used to play? Remember bikes, softball, dancing to your favorite record? When even your play is sedentary, you’re really not burning the fat!

Okay, this is a pretty discouraging list, unless you remember that in a world so full of choices, you have the opportunity to choose what makes you happy. So if your environment is making you fat or unhappy for any reason, then one of the easiest ways to change is to re-design it. Does that mean you have to give up foods you love or do exercise you hate? No, surprisingly, when environmental design is done well, the benefits are so powerful, you don’t miss anything!

You just enjoy having the life you’ve always wanted.

If you want to know more about how to design your personal environments to feel fully alive, visit Visionary Coach, Julia Stewart,, at the CoachVille Fully Alive Community or email

By Julia Stewart, 2004

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