Top Diet Review for 2008


Wondering how to get your new year’s resolution rockin’? Here is a great review of the top diets for 2008.


The NutriSystem program is about convenience. They sell pre-packaged meals and send them to your home. This amounts to $280 for 5 weeks food. In an age where foods are chosen for a variety of reasons, but where convenience is the biggest reason, it should come as no surprise that Nutrisystem is becoming so popular. If you are not prepared to eat processed food (i.e. increased sodium), then this is not for you.

With the autoship option, the price gets cheaper each month, going from $280 and dropping about 10 bucks each month. This would be the only real downfall of this system.

Jenny Craig charges a membership fee for their similar system (which requires signing a contract). Nutrisystem has no contract and the membership is free.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is still one of the top choices in many different reviews and reports, and it has been easily subjected to the most evaluations. This program simply encourages a healthy diet consisting of sensible, ordinary foods, a good attitude, and exercise. Weight Watchers is also bendable, which makes it easier to track, and its cost is pretty reasonable for a commercial program. Personal accountability and weigh-ins are the foundation of the plan. Some critics of the plan say that the ‘point-counting’ doesn’t encourage healthy food choices, just less. But, overall, it’s a great plan.

Slim Fast

Slim Fast is another diet plan with pre-packaged food. If you are needing to have meals on the go or don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals, Slim Fast has meals-in-a-can which are nutritionally sound and the plan does produce weight loss. The downfall to the Slim Fast diet would simply be that eventually you get tired of the shakes and after a few months your weight loss will peak.

South Beach

The South Beach Diet is a low-carb weight loss program. The initial stage of this diet entails high protein and low-carb intake, however, it is much less stringent than the Atkins Diet. The diet is separated into 3 different phases, where each phase has different variations of allowed types of foods. And, the goal, is that by the end of the 3rd phase you’ll have eating habits that can last for a lifetime.

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