The Diet Top 10 Mistakes Part 1 – Not Making The Decision


The first and most important mistake that people make when deciding to go on a diet, is not making the decision. They think they do, but there is a difference between knowing what to do, and doing what you know. How many people have made the “resolution”, just recently, to go on a diet, to take care of their bodies in the new year, and are still looking for “solutions”?

The main problem is that people are looking for a short term solution, a solution that will have them look their best for the summer, or for Betty’s wedding next month, and for some subconscious reason they don’t see the positive benefits of real results in the long term.

It is a common feature of human nature to see no further than the immediate future, to look no further than the nose is long. Therefore when someone decides that they are fat, even if the realization comes accumulated over a period of time, and the “decision is made to go on a diet”, the result and the benefits of the “vision” remain in the “reality” of the not too distant future.

That is why the so-called solution to the problem is also taken half-hearted, by hitting onto a common crowd following fad diet approach, only to come to their senses a few days later and realize that it simply “is not working for me!”.

When making a real decision about something, it goes further than simply looking for the easiest solution. It goes to the extent of capable integrity, and the realization that the problem is actually serious enough to do something about. If there is no sense of seriousness, then why would a decision need to be made?

How many of us actually can and are willing to really make important decisions for ourselves, about our health, our longevity, and our purpose in this life? Well, we all can. But are we willing? The answer is obvious when one looks at the growing phenomenon of obesity. And our children are following in our footsteps. How can they respect us, if we don’t respect ourselves?

Decide to respect yourself. Decide to make a decision, and to attack the problem with the less followed, but more brave solution of setting and following a goal, with all your mind and heart and faith. Nobody ever made themselves lean by just thinking about it – it takes action.

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