The Zigzag Diet – And Why It’s So Beneficial


Zigzag dieting, also known as the shifting calories method or calorie cycling, is one of the most healthy and effective ways to lose weight around. In fact, many types of people utilize this method of eating, including bodybuilders (although this type of dieting works for everyone who wants to lose weight… not just people who want to add bulk).

There are many reasons for this.

The first reason is because nothing is restricted in this way of eating. People don’t need to cut out carbohydrates, for example, or eliminate any type of food group. Dieters can eat whatever they want, as long as they stay within their (liberal) calorie allotments.

The second reason that this works so well is because of the psychological effects on dieters. Most people, when on a diet, feel as if they’re neglected and restricted. The calories are changed on a daily basis. For example, someone might have to eat 1500 calories one day, and then 2000 the next. Because of these “cheat days”, people are much more apt to stay on the diet since they always have something to look forward to.

A third reason that zigzag dieting works so well is that the constant calorie change is almost “fooling” the body (in a healthy way). With other diets, the body learns to adapt to the new way of eating. For example, with very reduced calorie diets, the body goes into starvation mode. However, the body can never adjust since calories are changed so frequently. Therefore, every single time someone goes from high calorie to low calorie, they lose weight.

Lastly, people’s bodies are created to respond well to zigzag dieting. People have been eating this way since early evolution, so our bodies are well adapted to it.

Rachel has lost 100 pounds herself, and is passionate about helping other people do it too. She has been featured in Woman’s World, among others.

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