The Shifting Calories Diet – Does It Work


Of the many fad diet programs that are now available the most interesting is the diet program that is based on shifting calories. The reason it is so interesting is that not only does it claim to help you to lose 9 pounds every 11 days but the success rate amongst its users is second to none.


The calorie shifting method is based around the idea that you can fool your metabolism into working harder and faster. The way you do this is by rotating the foods you eat each day so that your metabolism never gets used to what you eat and recognizes that you are on a diet.

The program still provides all the nutrients needed and also has the added benefit of allowing you 3 days off after every 11 day cycle to eat what you like, which helps to keep you going.


The diet does work well and has many satisfied users spread across the various weight loss forums. One reason it seems to work better than most is that because of the fact you are continuously changing the foods you eat then boredom doesn’t set in like it does with other programs.

Most programs that promise fast weight loss are usually only for the short term and end up with you putting back on the weight you lost. This program however not only has fast results but many of its users report that it can also be maintained due to the variety of the diet and the fact that you get 3 days of every 11 days.

The shifting calories diet method is certainly recommended especially for those looking to lose weight fast and also wanting to keep it off.

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