Are All Diets Healthy?


As the online diet market continues to go from strength to strength we are seeing a vast array of new and “innovative” ways of losing weight and getting into shape, but are they all safe? Are they all good for you in the long term?

Whatever you think about the idea behind diets there is one simple fact, in order to lose weight you need to use up more calories than you digest. However, you need to ensure that your daily calorie intake remains sufficient for your body to operate. The UK Department and Health suggest that the daily calorie intake for a lady should be in the region on 1940, and the daily calorie intake for a man in the region f 2250. The difference in the recommended intake boils down to the different metabolic rates present in men and woman and the makeup of their bodies.

How can a diet be unhealthy if it is working?

The problem for those who go on crash diets is the fact that their body is forced to come to terms with often major changes in calorie intake (and the type of food eaten) over a very short space of time. This can cause havoc with the human digestive system and lead to headaches, nausea and a general feeling of being unwell. While many people will fight through these symptoms in order to reach their goal, this is not doing their body any good at all. Many people forget that there are various vitamins and minerals which you need to eat on a regular basis to ensure the body grows, heals and runs as it should.

Does exercise play a major part in the diet routine?

Many people will be amazed to learn that upon a review of their diet it may only be the fact that they do not exercise enough which has forced them to gain weight or become out of shape. Very often it may just be a case of possibly fine tuning your diet and introducing regular exercise to your daily route – we are not talking about 10 miles walks, more something possibly as simple as walking the kids to school or walking to the local shop.


Any diet which promises a massive weight loss over a very short space of time may be difficult to stick to on a long term basis – and may not be healthy for your body. If you think more towards a diet being a change in your lifestyle, it may be easier to understand how you can actually make a difference long term. There is no short cut to healthy weight loss, and if anyone tells you otherwise you should begin to worry!

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