The Best Diet Plans For Weight-Watchers


There is a diet plan for every woman or man wanting to look at their bodies with an objective eye and be able to like what they see there. However, even the best-laid out plans will be futile if they did not match the dieter’s lifestyle and capabilities to go on a diet regimen. Nevertheless, what are the best diet plans available?

Here we’ll take a look at some diet plans and let you decide which one will be best for you.

The South Beach Diet

First on your list is the South Beach Diet which is a non-traditional plan, because rather than avoiding carbs, you’ll still be getting carbs, but on a very selective basis. It is a phased diet plan that takes into consideration the mental and emotional readiness of the dieter to stick to the food requirements of the plan.

While the diet is relatively easy to follow, the loophole is the ability of the dieter to sustain the diet’s required discipline for an extended period of time. If you are not ready for the discipline, you are not ready for the South Beach diet, or any other diet regimen for that matter.

Other Diet Plans

Then there are fresh diet plans that let the dieter embark only on salads (fresh green ones), with lots of grilled proteins and fruits and veggies. The good thing about this plan is there are a lot of combinations that you can come up with, what with lots of fruits and vegetables to mix and match. If you are the outdoor type, or are constantly on the go, regional tastes and seasonal availability of the fruits or vegetables will spice up and excite you to adopt this diet. The downside: be really careful about these organics, ensure the sources, as there is always the danger for pesticide or lead poisoning if not checked.

Beyonce Knowles, uses a detox diet called the Lemon Detox which is basically water and lemon juice therapy. The acidity of the lemon aids in the detoxification or cleansing. Add pepper and maple syrup and metabolism and circulation are enhanced. The long and short of it: you detoxify and then you lose weight easily. Healthy feeling! Downside? Some of you may not be ready to drink liters of water or the lemon diet mixture over an extended period.

There’s the nutritional-direction type, like the Atkins diet, which will work for you if you like sweets so much but are looking for a low-carb plan that will nonetheless retain your energy levels for an active lifestyle. What you need to do is limit your daily carb intake by avoiding bread and pasta and pastries. Problem is, the sudden loss of sugar may bring dizzy spells and make you tire easily. Visit your physician if any of these symptoms persist.

Also available online are other diets from the low-carb to the balanced diet; there are also limited-period diets like the 14-day low-cal booster, the 10-minute diet, or the fixed-commitment Diet for Life. They include menus and recipes that you can download. These come at a price, though – for example, one site charges almost $20 for a year’s membership to access everything.

So Which is Best?

The best diet plan for you is still up to you. All the above are just a tiny dot in the ocean of diet plans and regimens that health buffs everywhere come up with. But the bottom line is, if you are not able and willing to stick to one dietary regime that will suit your size and weight, metabolism, lifestyle and preferences and finances, you’ll end going from one diet to another losing not your weight but probably your sanity.

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