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So you are like the millions of people that have been trying to lose weight. You probably have searched every diet you could imagine to lose weight. Finding the right diet is the key to losing weight.

So what is the South Beach Diet? This diet basically consists of eating the right carbohydrates. You have probably seen or heard of diets that focus on eating bad carbs. SBD will eventually have you eating without carbs you normally eat, so your body will adjust to the good carbs you will consume.

Another thing with the South Beach Diet is that you should eat until you are fully satisfied with your eating pleasures.

So what are the different sections of the South Beach Diet? There are couple of them, the first 2 weeks is known as phase 1 which is one of the hardest and mind dedicating parts. This part will allow you to eat the fewest amounts of foods which isn’t too fun for people that love food.

In phase 1 you will not be allowed to eat bread, rice, potatoes, or pasta. The purpose for phase 1 is also to let your body adjust to sugar and starches. People have reported in losing around 14 pounds in the first phase which is only 2 weeks.

Any baked goods, sweets and fruits are also off limits during phase 1. You will be focusing on high fiber foods like vegetables, salads, fish, meat, chicken, eggs, non-fat yogurt, low-fat cheese, and nuts. South Beach Diet will allow you to eat six meals a day which is three main course, with two snacks, and one dessert.

So get your cook book out for this one and get creative with it. The understanding behind SBD is how the food reacts to your blood sugar. Salads and vegetables are naturally low with sugars that you should focus on those.

This diet program is nice you will soon be able to eat what you would like. But on to phase 2 which is more at ease then phase 1.

You can munch down on the foods you weren’t able to eat in the above phase. Breads, fruits and potatoes can come back. However your weight loss will slow down dramatically now, not like phase 1.

Phase three is basically finding the right foods to eat, which can be any food you would like. However if you start gaining weight again, you know what your doing wrong. Repeat from phase 1 and do it all over again.

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