Changing Your Life for a Diet


Literally hundreds of diets have been worked out to enable weight loss to occur as fast as possible, with more arriving each day. Over 2,500 years ago, in the original Hippocratic treatises the authors had some very wise words to say on dieting. The writer of one aphorism (definition) stated that whilst putting on weight can be dangerous, dieting should not be used to reduce the body to a state that is too thin , but ‘only to a condition which will naturally continue unchanged, whatever that may be’. In other words there is no point in losing weight in the short term if you can’t keep it off in the longer term.

There is a distinction to be drawn between the use of diets as part of a fashion-led obsession to imitate a stick, and the use of a diet to reach and maintain an acceptable weight for reasons of good health. Whilst the choice to use a diet in order to lose weight is a personal one, there are encouraging signs from the more responsible members of the fashion industry that the adverse medical concerns are beginning to be taken seriously and that the industry is starting to address the use of ultra thin models.

Dieting is now a multi-billion dollar industry and shows no sign of slowing down. There are new wonder ‘miracle’ products appearing on the market all of the time. However, it is now being universally recognised, that the growing problem of obesity and over weight, is the type of diet that is eaten by many western people. Typically this is high in saturated animal fat and cholesterol, sugar, salt and refined carbohydrates, but at the same time is low in fibre and often fish oils. This type of diet is primarily a result of eating too much meat, dairy products and processed foods. If this is combined with smoking, lack of exercise and excessive amounts of alcohol, then the impact upon health can be catastrophic for an individual.

Anyone considering a new diet should consider more than just their immediate loss of weight objective. Before starting any weight loss programme it is important to get the larger picture sorted out. Firstly, what is your current weight and what is your target weight. Neither of these are arbitrary decisions for you to make, they are both factual! It is always a good idea to consult your doctor before starting to diet, as they can establish safe and healthy targets for you to achieve. This is very important if you plan to lose any significant amounts of weight as there may be other short term impacts to consider on your general health.

Losing weight is more than the food, or lack of it, it is a lifestyle change. By definition a person’s current weight is the product of their current lifestyle and so if nothing changes in the long term, then that person will return to their current weight in the long term, irrespective of any weight loss in the short term. The only way to permanent weight loss is a permanent change in life style, and that is a price that some people are not prepared to pay.

A successful diet involves the correct setting of targets and timescales, the correct choice of a diet method that suits you, the acceptance of a new lifestyle and a lot of determination to achieve this. Dieting is a combination of psychological and emotional factors combined with an individual temperament and you can’t buy all of this in the latest can of diet product!

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