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A popular diet trick to keep shopping and meal time inspired is to find foods and recipes that will add healthful value to your diet and are easy to include. Here are a few ways you can put a little SASS into your diet.

SALSA – lycopene, flavonoids, phenolic, caroteniods and omega fatty acids

We all get the munchies from time to time, but did you know that salsa is power packed with vitamins and nutrients. Most salsa recipes use onion, tomatoes and peppers which all have powerful anti-oxidants and other disease fighting nutrients. Their ingredients help our bodies repair damaged cells to fight off diseases like cancer.

– Onions- are especially good because they are high in phenolic and flavonoids. Generally, the stronger the onions the stronger the disease finding benefits.

– Tomatoes – contain lycopene that protect against some cancers as well. Raw tomatoes are not as good as the cooked ones. When tomatoes are cooked the lycopene is able to be absorbed into your body.

– Peppers – Fresh vegetables with bright colors like green, yellow, orange and red peppers have a lot of carotene. Carotenoids are potent cancer fighting agents.

– Virgin Olive Oil (first cold-pressed) – Olive oil is a good source of omega 3 fatty acid and especially when it is the cold-pressed variety. Using heat when producing it will reduce the amount of nutrients, so look for the cold-pressed seal.

Dice and mix the above food items, add some freshly ground black pepper with just a touch of salt, squeeze in a little fresh lime or lemon juice and make a delicious salsa. Salsas can be made with sweet peppers and/or hot peppers to your liking and taste. Serve them with some pita or corn chips and your family will want you to make salsas regularly as part of your healthy snacks.

APPLES – fiber, pectin, antioxidants, flavonoids, phytochemicals, tannins and quercetin

Remember the old adage ‘An apple a day will keep the doctor away’? There is some truth to this saying that has been past down through the ages. Besides tasting great apples add lots of fiber and pectin to your diet. Eating apples will not add fat or sodium and they are a good source of vitamins. Making applesauce is a good way to make a muffin recipe healthier. By adding applesauce you can cut down on the amount of milk, sugar and oil and your muffins will taste great.

– Antioxidants – the antioxidant protection found in apples have many health benefits such as lowering blood the bad cholesterol and blood pressure as well as providing protection against colon cancer and the formation of gall stones in the gall bladder.

– Flavonoids and phytochemicals- These are found not only in apples but most other brightly colored fruits and vegetables. There are thousands of different flavonoid types and they help to ward off viral infections, allergies, inflammation, tumors and other diseases from developing.

– Pectin- apple pectin is in the fibre of the apple skin and it helps to reduce the level of insulin in the blood that is important in the prevention or management of diabetes.

– Tannins – the amount of tannins in apples vary from species to species and year to year, however, they are said to help in the prevention of gum disease.

– Quercetin- part of the flavonoid family quercetin is considered to be the basis for the synthesis of all the other flavonoids in fighting ‘free radicals’ that destroy cells in the body. This may be the main contributor to how the ‘apple a day’ became such a household phrase. People suffering from gastroesophageal reflux, asthma, gout and Crohn’s disease will benefit from quercetin found in apples.

Add an apple a day along with four other servings of fruits and vegetables and make yours the best diet for life and healthy longevity.

SEASONINGS -herbs and spices add nutrition without calories

Fresh ground black pepper is always a great flavor enhancer and it is often referred to as the world’s most popular spice. There are many different types of peppers both sweet and hot that can be added to almost any recipe. Since we are not fans of sodium or sugars, we like to add herbs and spices to flavor our food and add nutrition to our diet. Basil is a sweet herb and can be added to salads and pesto. Fresh cilantro will add a spicy and colorful addition to any salad or pasta dish. Adding celery leaves and stocks to soups and stews will give the dish a salty type taste so you don’t have to add salt. Just try some of your favorite herbs and spices and reduce the amount of sodium and sugars in your diet. You’ll enjoy the added vitamins and nutrients while lowering calories.

SALADS & DRESSINGS – High in nutrients – low in saturated fats

Salads with low-calorie dressings are always a good way to eat healthy whether you like them warm or cold because they add valuable nutrients to any diet. Using apple cider vinegars is a good way to incorporate the goodness of apples and the protective qualities of vinegars too. Oil and vinaigrettes are quick to make and also a good way to add essential omega fatty acids to your diet as well. Just be sure that you use good quality cold pressed and fresh olive oil and store oil covered and out of the light to prevent it from going rancid.

Use olive oil and vinaigrette dressings with fresh greens or cooked pasta. Toss in some fresh herbs, apples and other cut up fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the seasons. Try adding some raisins for a little bit of sweetness. While you’re at it, why not add a few nuts such as almond, walnuts, pine nuts or hazelnuts and enjoy their rich nutrient value of selenium, B-vitamin and unsaturated fat content.

Salsas, Apples, Seasoning and Salads are a great way to put extra food value into your diet. By adding these food items to your daily and weekly meals and snacks you and your family will get their powerfully rich disease fighting benefits. So go ahead try putting some SASS into your diet today.

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