Is The Maple Syrup Diet As Good As It Sounds?


I don’t know about you, but if I had to pick a diet to go for from a list of names, this one has got to be a pretty early choice!

A diet that involves maple syrup? How about throwing in some waffles for good luck!
So, is this a diet that’s as good as it sounds…?

Well, no, not really.

If you follow it you’ll lose weight, for sure, but once you’ve read the reason for the weight loss, you probably won’t be so keen – at least I hope not!

You don’t, as you may have guessed, pop open a tube of maple syrup and sit back for some heavy duty pancakes, the maple syrup in question is more like tree sap, and when you combine it with cayenne pepper, water and lemon, you have the basis of the diet.

If you’re thinking ‘that cant be all there is?’ well that *is* all!

You survive on this concoction and nothing else.

It was originally written as a detox plan, but let’s put aside for now the fact that our liver, kidneys and pancreas were designed for natural detox, it’s the weight loss aspect that I want to focus on.

How does this diet cause you to lose weight? By only giving you about 500 calories a day, that’s how!

The weight will *always* come off at that low level of calories, the initial water loss if nothing else will see huge results.

The plan itself recommends it for only short doses, so how much evidence do you need that it’s unhealthy, when it says so itself! Any diet must pass the basic test of being sustainable for it to even be considered.

The maple syrup diet fails, miserably. Unhealthy, unpleasant to stick to, with absolutely no long term benefits.

The maple syrup diet may have a sweet name, but don’t let the name fool you into thinking it’s something it isn’t.

Gordon Bryan is a writer from the UK that gets mad at the shocking diet advice out there. Read more diet truths on his blog at:

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