Planning Your Low Carb Diet


Low carb diets have quickly grown in popularity in recent years due to the promising and immediate results of fat and weight loss. You need to consider all the aspects involved in planning one in order to stay safe and healthy. A sound low carb diet plan may finally pave the way to a leaner and slimmer you.

A lot of people have lost weight by taking on a low carb diet. The main reason is that their body instantly uses fat as fuel for energy once glucose sources are depleted. As a result of fat loss comes weight loss. A lot of overweight and obese people have shed pounds successfully by following a careful and healthy routine.

Before embarking on a low carb diet, make sure you know the different types of carbohydrate sources. There are starchy and fibrous carbs. Starchy carbs come from pasta, rice and other foods that are quickly digested providing instant energy. These are also higher in calories and tend to maximize glycogen storage quickly so you should limit intake. Fibrous carbs come from fruits and vegetables. These have high fiber content and are lower in calories. You can have a lot more of these to fill you up. Most people who want to lose weight safely alternate starchy carbohydrates for fibrous ones.

Several modern low carbohydrate diet plans have been formulated with varying approaches but the main idea is still the same. Your primary goal is to consume less than what you’re burning as energy. It is equally important that you included adequate amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals in the diet to stay healthy and strong.

You should also eat at least 3 full meals a day. There are some plans than indicate small frequent feedings up to 6 times daily. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day too. These help boost your metabolism as well for faster fat and weight loss. Get enough rest and exercise regularly to increase energy expenditure and fat burning. You may start getting results within 2 weeks. Take more sugar if you feel uncomfortable signs and symptoms like weakness, nausea and lightheadedness. Consult your physician before starting on the diet.

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