Atkins Diet Menu Plan – How To Create One For Yourself


Before we start with atkins diet, lets understand why you lose weight on this diet. This diet is based on low carb and high protein theory. In atkins you cut down your cabs so much that your body will start burning fat and thus helping you lose weight. But most people stretch this advice too far. A lot of people not only limit themselves to a low-carb diet; they also ingest very little fat. This will led to muscle loss and lack of energy.

Mostly people go wrong by assuming that if they cut out fat from their diets too, then they’ll burn much more fat because the body will have to scavenge its own fatty acid reserve. It will, to some extent. when one energy source is disproportionately high compared to the other ones, your body will adapt to use it as its main fuel source. So if your protein intake is way higher than the other nutrients, your body will become good at using protein for fuel.

Now protein isn’t an efficient fuel source, which will lead to breakdown muscle tissue to produce the energy required. Thus shutting down your metabolism. Now when I have give you idea on how low carbs help you lose weight. I’ll start with atkins diet.

Here are the foods you can eat liberally on this plan.

All fish including : tuna, salmon, sole, trout, flounder, sardines, herring

All fowl including : chicken, turkey, duck, goose, poussin, quail, phesant.

All shellfish including : oysters, mussels, lobster, clams, squid, prawns, crabmeat.

All meat including : beef, pork, lamb, bacon, veal, ham, venison.

All eggs including : scrambled, fried, poached, soft boiled, hard boiled, deviled, omelettes

More tips on Low carb diet plan

Eat 4-6 small meals or 3 major meals in atkins plan.

No Bread, pasta, rice or any starchy food in the diet

Eat no more than 20 gms of carbs in the diet (From my experience you can increase the carbs up to 80-100 gm and the results won’t change).

No coffee, tea or cold drinks (this is essential I have clients who were having hard time losing weight, the moment we dropped colas from their diet their fat dropped like it was nobody’s business)

No Sugar, In fact I believe everyone should drop sugar from their regular food. It serves no purpose and make you cheat on your diet.

If you just start following these tips you’ll make major changes in the way you look and feel.

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