Finding The Best Diet Product For Your Specific Needs


The weight loss industry has become one of the biggest and most popular industries today. New diet products are released in the market each year and every time their makers claim that their pill is the best diet product around.

Millions of dollars are spent for advertising to compete for the attention of the great number of people who are looking for the most effective weight loss solution. Below are some tips on how to determine the best diet product for your specific needs.

1. No PPA

The best diet product should not have PPA. PPA or phenylpropanolamine is an ingredient usually found in over-the-counter cold medicines. PPA can result in drowsiness and the FDA prohibits its use for over-the-counter drugs.

2. Must not pose as a popular diet product

The best diet product is packaged as it is and not as something it is not. For instance, if the diet pill is a generic of Xenical, it must be named as Orlistat and not copy Xenical’s pill and bottle color, design and labels. This is blatant imitation.

Generic drugs are regulated and pass the standards of the FDA and therefore considered safe. They should, however, be marketed as generics.

3. Must have your doctor’s nod

Ask your doctor for a list of both prescription and over-the-counter diet pills. Ask him what will work best for you. If you find the branded pills are too costly, ask your doctor for a prescription for the generic type or get a recommendation for over-the-counter generics. Generics should work as effectively as their branded counterparts.

4. Go for herbal, if you can.

The best diet product should be something that your body can digest easily and absorb quickly. Herbal products fit this requirement because they are made from natural products and the body usually reacts well to them.

You may also try tea, specifically oolong tea. For centuries this tea native to China has been known as an effective weigh loss product. Research has shown that oolong tea can help you burn fats, give you the energy for exercising and result in a radiant glowing skin.

Diet programs that can work well with the best diet products

After you have chosen which diet product is best, you can then embark on a diet program towards your journey for a lighter you. Below are some of the more popular diet programs:


This is based on a system which ranks food based on its carbohydrate level and its effect on the sugar content of the body. Its meal plans are low in fat, contain lots of protein and good carbohydrates. Its mantra is to nourish the body even while undergoing weight loss.


Medifast states that dieters need not count the number of calories and carbohydrate intake in this diet program, yet still expect to lose 20 pounds in a month. It promotes eating small portions but more frequently; and is based on the belief that eating frequently increases the body’s metabolic rate.

South Beach Diet

This is one of the most popular diet programs today as the dieter is not deprived from eating delicious foods while under the program. You can eat fats and carbohydrates as long as they are under the “good” list.

Best diet product + good diet program = trimmer you

There has never been a fast and easy way to lose weight. It takes a lot of dedication and heart to achieve the weight you want. With the best diet product plus a good diet program and a good dose of self-discipline, you will be on your way to losing weight and attaining a healthier body.

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