Don’t Get Hoodwinked By Hoodia Gordonii!


Ah yes, hoodia, that wonder pill that naturally suppresses your appetite, allowing you to cheerfully pass the day without snacking, and the weight drops off!

Great, right? Er, well no, not really…

Hoodia is a product/supplement/patch/pill that has seen a huge wave of popularity since a reporter from a US magazine went out to Africa where it grows.

She was investigating claims that the local tribe people ate this plant before long hunting trips, and it suppressed their hunger and thirst.
She tried it, claimed it worked, and the marketing men weighed in.

Let’s look a little closer…

Hoodia is a generic plant name, there are different types, and it’s hoodia gordonii which created all the fuss.

The problem is, there have been no scientific tests to prove the theory that it works.

Nowhere will you find a validated study to back it up.

Also, it’s thought that unless you chomp on the raw plant, there is no way you could get enough into your body for it to have any effect.

Throw into the mix the amount of fake hoodia around on the market, and you have more than enough reasons to steer clear.
Anyway, let’s assume for a moment that it *does* work…

Is it healthy to lose weight by just not eating?
Of course not!

Is it dangerous that your thirst is suppressed leaving you vulnerable to dehydration?
Of course it is!

This is no way to conduct yourself in a healthy way.
It has dubious claims, the effect is probably more placebo effect than anything else.

So, dont get hoodwinked by hoodia, spend that extra money on fruit, and when you’re hungry, don’t worry about suppressing it – eat the fruit!

Gordon Bryan is a writer from the UK that gets mad at all the shocking diet advice out there. Read more at his blog:

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