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South beach diet program aims for healthy and nutritious food intake while allowing you to gradually lose your weight. Unlike other meals plans carefully formulated in other diet programs, south beach diet meals plans are generally more flexible and convenient to make. They also allow you to occasionally indulge on your favorite foods, or can even make them a regular staple on your meals as long as you stick to their rules of using substitutes to restricted food kinds.

Foods that are allowed with the south beach diet meal plans are basically your everyday food. In the first phase, it is all about avoiding carbohydrate intakes, so the following food list should do with your meal plans:

– Skinless poultry

– Lean cuts of pork, veal, and beef

– All seafood

– Low-fat/non-fat dairy products

– Eggs

– Tofu

– Lunchmeats

– Canola, olive, and peanut oil,

– Spices and seasonings without sugar

– Legumes

– Sugar-free treats

– Low-glycemic vegetables

The concept behind the first phase is to change the diet you have gotten used to into one that contains only healthy and lean dishes. Frying is not allowed in this phase, instead must be replaced with broiling and baking.

The second phase is introduced with the following foods:

– Sweet potatoes

– Whole-grain cereals and breads

– Brown or wild rice

– Fresh fruits

– White or red wines

In the second phase, these foods are introduced because you have to achieve target weight. You have to remember foods containing high-sugar such as white potatoes, corn, corn, beets, and carrots are avoided. In addition, not all fresh fruits are qualified for this phase. You have to avoid raisins, pineapples, watermelon, and bananas. High-caloric foods like ice cream, cakes, cookies, and others will spoil your target to lose weight, so it is vital to avoid them into your diet.

In the third phase, this is when you would have the most flexible time to choose foods of your preference but ensure they still are considered as good and healthy eating habits. The concept in the third phase is for you to adopt the healthy habit of using meal plans that contain foods included in the first and second phases.

First and second phases are all about achieving the desired weight. After these phases, the third is all about maintaining that weight. When making south beach diet recipe meal plans on the third phase, you can be as flexible as you want. By mixing and matching foods in the first and second phases, you can get as creative as you want.

These three phases are designed for you to be as flexible as possible in such a way that you can switch phases once you have already achieved the desired weight target. Whatever it is south beach diet recipes will let you enjoy your meal plans that are healthy but are pleasurable at the same time.

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