Diet Information: The Cabbage Soup Diet


The Cabbage Soup Diet is a quick fix diet for those people who only have a few pounds to lose. Unlike most other dietary programmes, it does not encourage a change in the way you eat, long term – it is more a way of shifting surplus pounds in the short term.

Many people go on the Cabbage Soup Diet in the week leading up to a big event where they want to that little bit ‘svelter’.

The diet program lasts for seven days (and must not be exceeded) and, for many people, a week on a strict diet is something achievable if they don’t have mammoth amounts of weight to lose.

A lot of the weight loss you see will be water, but many people find they do drop a dress size after having been on the seven day programme.

Basically, you eat as much cabbage soup as you want for a week, plus a very limited amount of other foods. To stay on the programme for longer than a week will be counter-productive and will affect your health and energy levels.

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