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Detoxing diets are not so much about weight loss, but about cleansing the body by removing poisons and toxins. This type of dietary programme has gained popularity in the Western world as people become more aware about overloading their body with foods and drinks that are toxic.

Celebrities such as Carol Vorderman and Kim Wilde advocate a regular ‘detox’ to keep them healthy and trim.

A detox programme can be beneficial to your overall health by also retraining your taste buds and appetite – but, as with all dietary programmes, always consult your Doctor before embarking on one.

Most people who do go on a detox diet find that they do lose weight and maintain a healthier eating plan even after the detox has finished.

There are many different types of detoxing programmes available which you can find out about online or in books and other resources.

There are liquid detox diets (normally found in chemists) but these should only be followed for the recommended time on the instructions as such simplified) diets may have dangerously low amount of calories and poor nutritional content. This is not a good practice to employ long term when dieting as not only will your health be damaged, but once you start eating ‘normally’ again, the weight will pile back on even faster.

Because detoxing can be a shock to the body, it is recommended by nutritionists that you start it the programme at a time when you don’t have a lot of other things on – especially not anything strenuous or physical.

Many people report a variety of symptoms when they first start a detoxing dietary programme, for example, lack of energy, an outbreak of spots, headaches etc. But this is just part of the body’s cleansing process and, so detox fans report, at the end of the dietary programme, you should feel lighter, your skin should be clear and you’ll have renewed energy levels.

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