Breakthrough Diet Plans To Lose 8 Pounds In 10 Days


Are you looking for the best diet plans that can give you the most effective weight loss results? With so many types of diets available, it is difficult to know which the best one is. This article will look at the pros and cons of different diet plans, and discuss a breakthrough one that has helped millions of people worldwide, including myself, lose weight and keep it off for good.

#1: The Low Fat Diet

This type of diet may sound like it should work, since removing the fats in your food will mean that no fats get deposited in your body, right? Wrong! This is because a large percentage of the fats in our body are caused by carbohydrates, and not by the fats themselves.

#2: The Low Carbohydrate Diet

This type of dieting can actually work, and many people have seen results after following it for several months. However, this method has some serious flaws. By significantly reducing the carbohydrates in your meals, it will greatly reduce your energy levels.

Having tried this method myself, I was tired throughout the day because I was not getting enough energy from my meals. My mood was always very bad too, and I would not recommend this diet for weight loss.

#3: The Low Calorie Diet

This is an even more drastic dieting method in my opinion, because it decreases the overall quantity of foods that you eat. While this might be effective in reducing the amount of fats in your body, it may cause malnutrition because your body will not receive enough nutrients. Like the low carbohydrate diet, low energy level is another negative effect.

#4: Breakthrough Diet – Calorie Shifting

The calorie shifting diet is by far the most effective, healthy and practical plan for any dieter. This method does not encourage you to reduce the amount of foods you eat and the amount of calories you consume.

Instead, it works on the fact that your brain produces fat burning hormones after certain types of foods are consumed. Therefore, you will be eating different types of foods at specific times every day, and these times are proven to be most effective for fat loss. To learn more about calorie shifting, visit the website link below.

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