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A personal trainer is an individual who is employed to encourage others to get excited about exercise and to help them to achieve their fitness goals. A personal trainer should not be confused with an athletic trainer (AT). An athletic trainer must have at the very least a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field and pass an examination to receive their credentials.

A personal trainer on the other hand does not necessarily need to possess a health sciences degree or formal training in order to pursue this profession. He or she does not necessarily have to apply for any type of professional certification. However sometimes a certificate can be obtained from a relevant organization and that is good enough.

Those who work in the personal training field can be found employed at fitness centers and clubs, as well as health clubs and training studios. Some trainers instruct various types of fitness classes or offer private sessions to clients in their own homes and pursuant with their own schedules. Their main job responsibility is to help clients in the facility in order to further their physical activity goals. ]

Not only do they teach exercise techniques and how to improve workouts but they also do their part to support, encourage and motivate those they work with to better their exercise regimens. Trainers who work in this capacity are able to keep accurate records in order to monitor the progress that their clients are making in their workouts. Trainers can be virtual treasure troves of helpful information in regards to fitness but also in regards to other significant aspects of living a healthy lifestyle.

It is highly recommended that those who wish to obtain work as trainers receive certification before they look for work at any fitness facility throughout the country. If you do not know where to obtain certification then do a search over the internet. The vast majority of organizations that certify aspiring trainers require that the candidates have graduated from high school and have received their certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (also known as CPR) as well as automated external defibrillator (AED). To gain these certificates the person must pass an examination that highlights their skills and knowledge base.

It is the kind of exercise discipline that the personal trainer decides to specialize in that will play a significant role in the level of education and training the person requires, as well as the amount of education and training that he/she needs. This job is not just about exercise and physical endurance but also encompasses other essential elements that make up a healthy lifestyle and contribute to well-being.

Those who provide personal training to clients looking for help in the exercise realm are not all the same. There are different levels of trainers. This has to do with the kind of training that they offer and how much they charge. More and more trainers are choosing to work freelance while others desire to open their own fitness studios. Many of these trainers continue to work at clubs or health centers until they can develop their own businesses.

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