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Us ordinary everyday humans who have to do the 9 to 5 slog sometimes wish we had the beautiful looks of some of the famous people.

We tend to try and follow the example of the rich and famous. Many of these rich and famous have extremely tight work schedules and have limited time to do the necessary things for maintaining their good physical appearance.

The fact is that they have to care well for their bodies or they will soon lose contracts for film work or public appearance. Let us, therefore, take a look some of the regimens of the rich and famous.

One of the most important things that any one of the celebrities will tell you, is that good self-discipline is a prerequisite. Here follows a few examples of what some of the best-known celebrities do.


Some celebrities really put pressure on themselves as far as exercising is concerned. Most of them, however, maintain their physical condition in very good order by relatively moderate exercise. One of the lucky ones is Jenifer Arniston. She maintains good physical balance and condition through Yoga. We will later take a look at her diet regimen.

Kate Hudson needed to lose sixty pounds of post pregnancy fat. She managed this by regular structured exercise and ended up with the best abdomen muscles in Hollywood.

When you are a talk show host that is in the public eye every day, special care of looks is required. Oprah Winfrey does her thing on the treadmill and then she uses some free-hand weight exercises.

Yoga seems to be a popular way of disciplining the body as well as the mind and both Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are eager adherents to the philosophy.

It appears that these ladies undertake no complicated or exceedingly stressful exercising over long periods of time.

They just keep fits through aerobic activity and when necessary will embark on special exercising.

Eating habits and diet.

The often hectic work schedules of the stars make it difficult to stick to regular exercise, yet they manage to do all that is necessary. In addition, of course, is the all-important eating plan. To preserve their good physiques for the work they do in front of cameras and audiences, they mostly use easy and simple diet plans.

The eating plan of Jenifer Arniston is the method known as the 40/30. The food intake consists of 40% low glycemic carbohydrates. These are foods like beans, fruits, vegetables and legumes. The rest is made up of 30% lean proteins and 30% nuts, seeds, fish and olive oil; hence the 40/30/30 name.

The lean proteins consist mostly of fish, chicken, turkey, beef and fat free dairy products. This is quite a well balanced diet and it enhances good health and stamina on top of the weight control advantage. This is also a fairly uncomplicated diet to follow as most people can do this without being nutrition experts.

A very easy and satisfying eating plan to follow is a high protein diet. This regimen helped Kate Hudson to lose sixty pounds of fat. Essentially a nutrition expert compiles an eating plan of high protein meals, which are, taken more often, but in small portions.

Fish, chicken, fat free dairy, fruits and vegetables as well as nuts in moderate quantities is what helps Oprah to stay within her target-weight limit. She also resists eating anything after seven in the evening.

Macrobiotic diets are eating plans that include natural grown foods like vegetables, brown rice which can be supplemented with lean meat. A lady, who believes that this is for her, is Gwyneth Paltrow. You might want to get a nutrition expert to design this kind of eating plan for you.

If we watch Madonna performing, one would guess that she does not need any diet simply due to the fact that it appears as though she burns tons of calories in her stage performances. Not so, she follows a strict diet and absolutely avoids junks foods. Her diet is also a macrobiotic type and one presumes that she has a regular consultant for her eating plans.

We have looked at some of the popular diets of the rich and famous. However there are a wide variety of diets of which the best known of the high protein type of diets must be Dr Atkins’ diet. These are also known as low carbohydrate diets, because carbohydrates are mostly avoided or minimized. The essence of a weight reduction and weight control regimen should be to be suitable for the personality type as well as the body type of the person for whom the plan is designed.

The other effective method is where the eating plan and exercises are designed to restore metabolism to a healthy balance. There is one very effective diet of this nature available on the web. It is not very expensive but it is well worth the money spent and it is easy to follow.

There are probably not more than four diet plans available on the web that includes personal consultancy, albeit electronically. Of course, if one has the time and inclination the local clinic will probably also be able to assist with weight loss. Some people respond poorly to diets for various reasons. Some have “gastronomic” reasons and others have health reasons and some have psychological reasons, but whatever the situation, the majority of normally overweight people can be helped to lose weight. There are some very effective diet pills available and obtainable on the web; they even carry a money back guarantee. The only people who really have little hope with diets and associated regimens are those people who suffer from hyper obesity. Doctors will mostly recommend operations or other drastic methods. We can define hyper obesity as a person who is more than double his/her normal body weight where bone structure and general built is taken into account.

number of websites on the subject of fat loss and fitness.


Dump your starvation diet and enjoy eating while losing weight.

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