The Get Rid Of My Gut Diet


Did you know that low calorie diets can actually make you put on weight? Your metabolism is very adaptive and will adjust to any changes you make to your diet. If you put your body on a low calorie diet where you will only eat 1,500 calories a day your metabolism will adjust to these changes and burn fewer calories.

Therefore it is very difficult to lose weight on a low calorie diet. A low fat diet does the same thing also, a lot of foods now claim to be low fat but people are still gaining weight when eating these so called low fat foods. These foods are available all over the world but have you noticed that the percentage of obese people has actually risen in the time these foods have been on the market.

The get rid of my gut diet will help you to lose a much as 15lb in as little as 30 days. It doesn’t use pills, fat burners or expensive gadgets. It is all to do with your hormones, even guys have hormones. If you have eaten the wrong food at the wrong time this triggers your body into a hormonal response which forces your body to store fat. But your body also has a hormone which will burn fat off your body like an oven, all you have to do is find out how to turn it on.

By doing this and eating the right foods at the right time you will start to shed the pounds. This program will also teach you how to keep the weight off for good. What is the point in losing weight when a couple of months later you have put all the weight back on again. Did you know that once people lose weight and put it back on again, 9 times out of 10 they will add 10lb-20lb ontop of what they weighed before the diet? This program tells all.

You will learn how to:

1. Lose Up To 15 Pounds within the First 30 Days

2. Discover the Critical Nutrient Your Body Craves to Burn More Calories

3. Know Exactly What You’re Putting in Your Body and If It’s a “Fat Burning Food” or a
“Fat Storing Food”

4. Know What Foods to Eat and In What Intervals, to Ensure Constant Fat Loss Around the Clock

5. Learn WHY You Can Lose Weight, Even if You’ve Never Been Thin, Ever, In Your Entire Life!

6. Learn How To Eat So Every Piece of Food You Place In Your Mouth Increases The Fat Burning Pace

7. Learn the Secret “5 Day Change-Up” Strategy I Recommend to All My Private Clients to

Supercharge Your Results Just Before the Big Day!

8. FINALLY Discover Just How Much Water You Really Need to be Drinking for Accelerated Fat Burning – No More Guesswork!

9. Learn to Calculate the Exact Number of Calories You Need to Burn off Up To 15 Pounds of Fat Within 30 Days

10. Be Given My Very Best Fat Fighting Tips For the Best – and Fastest – Possible Results!

11. Learn Why Eating the Right Combination of Dietary Fat Is Going to Help You LOSE Fat Fast!

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