Working With Your Personal Ideal


So you don’t feel like Wonder Woman today? Cut yourself some slack, which is not the same as slacking off.

When we wake up each morning, sometimes we can smell the coffee, and sometimes not. Let’s face it: We don’t always wake up at our personal best. Not enough sleep. Too much stress. Too much on the to-do list.

Distractions, real and imagined, prevent us from consciously committing to being our best selves.

As a trainer, and having worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years, I’ve developed a keen sense of intuition about how my clients are doing on any given day — often without them even speaking a word to me.

Yes, friends, I can tell when you’re stressed, tired, sick, or just a little ho-hum. I’ve seen you when your energy hits me like a tidal wave, and I’ve seen you when your energy hits me like a faucet trickle. My job is to create a workout for you that jives with your vibes.

It works better for me, though, when we work together. When you go to see your trainer, or your yoga instructor, or your pilates class, and you’re feeling like a 3 out of 10, don’t overcompensate. Toning it down a little is not a bad thing!

Our bodies get overworked and stressed out and yes! Exercise aids in all of that. No doubt. But it’s all relative, and it’s important to factor in some reality about how hard to push ourselves at any given point in time.

So if you’re a 3 out of 10, take it down a notch for today. Maybe a little less incline on the treadmill, or, if you lift, drop your weights back a few pounds. Do fewer repetitions, do whatever it takes to get you through your workout. Importantly, get THROUGH it. You’ll feel satisfied that you did. Maybe it’ll even bring you up to a 5.

Be conscious about wanting to work at your personal best, but know that it’s not always possible. Every day is a new day. Maybe tomorrow you’re rested and ready to take on the world. Then you can push yourself a little harder. As with everything, seek balance and consistency.

At the end of a longer timeframe, say a month or two, you will see the difference in your results. Write it down, if that works for you. I write down in my journal daily about how I’m feeling, what may have influenced me and what kind of energy I had. Was I high energy or low energy? Did I give it my all, and if not why? I ask more questions about my own behavior because it teaches me what works, for me, to try to live healthy.

And hello: This is not an invitation to slack. Be very honest with yourself. Tag a low energy day as such, but go do your workout. Get through it. Don’t skip it.

Jaime Bruce

CEO, GetmovinwithJaime, Inc.


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