Work Around The House and Lose Weight!


OK, so I have to admit it – I haven’t been getting in my workouts lately. You see, recently, my husband and I have bought a house and are completely ripping it up and redoing it. Great, right? It would be, but we are moving in two weeks and it is far from being ready! So I haven’t been doing anything but obsessing about the house! I haven’t been getting my workouts in or doing anything except working on the house. I am sore all the time, and exhausted. That got me thinking all this work must be doing something for my body. So I looked into it, and was excited to learn the following:

Mopping burns 112 calories in 30 minutes, working the shoulders and biceps.
Painting burns 288 calories in 60 minutes and works arms and core (YAY!!)
Gardening burns 256 calories in 60 minutes and works arms, back and legs.
Mowing burns 187 calories in 30 minutes.
Gutter cleaning burns 320 calories in 60 minutes and works the shoulders, upper back, arms and legs.

This made me not feel so guilty about missing some workouts! So if you are stressed about all the Spring housework that needs to be done, enjoy it! You are burning calories and getting more fit as you wash those windows and paint the walls!

A Little Tip:
If you want to be exact about your caloric intake in order to lose weight, here is a good calculation to try. It will help you determine how many calories you can eat in a day and still lose weight. Take your target weight and multiply it by 4.35 and add 655. Then take your height in inches and multiply it by 4.32. Then multiply your age by 4.7. Subtract the age total from the height total, then add the new total to the weight total. Let me know how this works for you.

Good luck!

Eleni Kapetanios is a personal trainer in Guelph, Ontario. She owns Get Fit Personal Training. Check out her website at [], or email her anytime at

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