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Of course you’ve heard of the “buddy system”. Isn’t that supposed to save your life when you’re rock climbing or hiking or swimming? Well it can also be beneficial for your plain ordinary workouts. If you can get a friend to eat right and exercise with you, you have an ally at those summer cookouts and cocktail parties, and you know you have to meet her at the gym bright and early the next morning to work it all off! A fun way to put some extra fun into these “buddy” workouts is to actually have some exercises you do together. You’ll find the time goes faster, and you can motivate each other as you go. Here are some ideas for partner workouts. If you can’t get a friend to join you, force your significant other. That’s what they’re there for, right?

Skipping/stair combo. 1 person times one minute while the other skips, then the skipper times while their partner runs stairs for one minute. Alternate until you have done each activity three times

Sit up/shoulder press. I partner stands on the other’s feet while they do 25 sit-ups. While they stand, they are doing as many shoulder presses as it takes for their partner to complete the sit-ups. Repeat 3 cycles.

Medicine ball throw and chase: One partner rolls a medicine ball ( or basketball if you don’t have one) anywhere in an 8 foot long area, toward their partner. The partner has to run and chase the ball, squat, pick it up, and chest pass it back to their partner. Do for 2 minutes each, 3 cycles.

Plank contest: who can hold their plank the longest? Loser buys coffee.

Burpee contest: Who can do the most burpees in 1 minute?

Alphabet plank: In plank position, heads facing, partners repeat the alphabet while lifting opposite hands (and arms) off floor and clapping them with partner for each letter. Do alphabet through twice.

Sprints: One partner sprints a specific distance (not super far) while the other does pushups, when the sprinter gets back, they switch places. Do this 5 times.

Here are a few ideas that are fun and add something different to your workouts. Let me know how it goes!

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