Will A Personal Trainer Guarantee You To Lose Weight?


Are you convinced that you’ll never be able to lose weight on your own and need some outside help? You may be right, but before you go out and spend big money on a personal trainer, maybe you just need to learn some simple truths that will help you get great results on your own.

I’m all about saving money where you can, and if you can skip the personal trainer, then that’s a wad of cash that you can put right back in your pocket. I’m not saying personal trainers aren’t worth the money though.

If you know what you’re doing you CAN achieve great weight loss results without a trainer, but you’ll have to hold yourself accountable. This is the number one reason that PT’s are so valuable. When you have someone that is depending on you to show up to workout, you’re much more likely to follow through (especially when you’ve got money invested)

But before you got out there and hire one, try out this small tip to see if you can do it on your own.

Instead of jumping head first into a diet strategy and workout plan, work into it gently. Any sudden, big changes will be hard to stick to because it’s so out of the ordinary for you. If you introduce small changes a little at a time you’ll create good habits that stack and have a huge impact over time.

The first thing to try? Just start eating a little less. Grab the smaller plate at meals and eat slowly. You’ll find that a much smaller portion of food will make you full when you take your time and enjoy it.

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