5 Time & Money Saving Tips For Fitness Boot Camp Owners


Most people who start a boot camp business wear all the hats. You are an instructor/ trainer, bookkeeper, bill collector, marketing representative, and much more. Don’t you go into business in order to work less and make more money? There will be a time in your business where you need to decide if you want to continue to wear all of the hats, or if you want to shift your focus and begin working “on” your business instead of “in” it.

Here are 5 time and money saving tips to help transition your business into “autopilot mode” allowing you more personal time and freedom.

1. Stop Bill Collecting Immediately. One big mistake trainer’s make is to continue to collect money each month from their boot campers by check or cash. You can waste a lot of time trying to figure out who owes you money and when. Then you have to ASK for the money. Do what you’re good at and leave the bill collecting to an EFT processing service. You collect all of their information once and you place them on recurring billing there after. You DON’T have to ask for money month after month, and you’ll see your retention rates skyrocket. The boot campers are not continually reminded every month that they are handing over money to you. We like to use personally use 1shoppingcart.com.

2. Hire Virtual Assistant Services for Bookkeeping and Other Projects. Once you have your business plan in place and know how much your time is worth, seek out a virtual assistant. Why do you need to personally complete some of the time consuming work when you can pay someone else to do it for a fraction of the price? Spend your time and focus on the more important things in your business. Outsource everything you can. Here are two websites we use for these services: odesk.com and elance.com.

3. Don’t Stay Up Late at Night Writing Your Next Workout. Another convenience is to have pre-made workouts ready for your boot camp. Use workouts that will deliver the results your clients are looking for. They can be very useful when you are in a hurry and you don’t want to look unprepared in camp. Try the free workout via the link on the bottom of this page!

4. Hire a Trainer to Slowly Take Over Your Camp So You Can Build A Second Boot Camp Location. At some point, you might want to expand your business by opening another location. Seek out high-energy passionate trainers who can bring the same energy you bring to your camps, and have them slowly take over teaching your present boot camp classes. This will allow you to maintain profits without burning out!

5. Exchange Boot Camp for Marketing. A great idea to get the word out about your boot camp is to offer it to people for free in exchange for marketing the camp. You can approach local businesses and offer them “VIP Free Passes” to camp in exchange for spreading the word. Be sure to go in with a giving hand and 9 times out of 10 they will give back. The more people talking about your fitness boot camp, the more successful you will become.

Take advantages of the tips above to expand your business to be able to work less and make more. Value your time: do what’s important and outsource the rest. You will save a TON time and money in the long run.

Good Luck!

Alicia Streger, RKC, CSCS

Carrie Kukuda, RKC, NB-CPT

For a FREE BOOT CAMP WORKOUT, visit: FreeBootCampWorkout.com


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