Water Guidelines for Recovery – How to Recover Faster By Rehydrating Properly


It’s an astonishing fact that male endurance athletes can lose up to 10 liters of fluid per day, while women lose slightly less. Keep the following in mind when planning for a recovery period after intense training.


Recovery from training is optimized when the body can devote most of its energy into rebuilding itself. Avoid drinking liquids with meals as it requires the body to secrete additional digestive enzymes which slows digestion and reduces its efficiency.

When recovering from training, avoid drinking water 30 minutes prior to eating, and for about 2 hours after a carbohydrate meal, and up to 3 hours after a heavy protein meal.

How to Rehydrate

When eating protein meals, include plenty of raw vegetables (salads) as they are made mostly of water. With carbohydrate meals, include plenty of raw fruit as they too are mainly made of water. The water in fruit and vegetables does not dilute digestive enzymes, so it is the most efficient delivery of water back into the body when eating.

One method of fluid replacement that I prefer is eating fresh melons as a snack in between meals. Melons digest very quickly (about 30 minutes) and they are about 90% water. The digestion of the melons slows the delivery of water into the bloodstream, which is easier on the kidneys.

Overall, ensure you drink enough water between meals, and increase your consumption of raw fruit and vegetables.

Proper and balanced hydration is a critical factor in optimizing your training and racing.

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